I'd Love To

Really, I would, but I just have no idea what to write about
xSapphire xSapphire
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

this probably isn't particularly helpful, but i would advise just starting to write, no prior planning as such, past a vague opening sentence maybe and then as you right just develop one sentence after another. It could just be a stream of consciousness that may develop into you being a narrator over events... just an idea :)

Thanks, pal. (: I will consider these. In fact, if I write a book about myself (the solitary person I really am), it would be too damn boring. :( I had better just make something up.

If you don't mind me tossing over a suggestion your way......What about writing something about what you already know.....everyone has at least a story.....whether or not they choose to share.......from your earlier childhood, sports, a school performance, favorite hang out, unique story about an aunt or uncle, a mentor who made a difference in your life or your outlook on life, baby-sitting experiences if you have one, role model, travel experience, meaningful relationship or painful one for that matter, just to name a few to start.....start blogging privately or publicly as a form of warming up to motivate you......you can start to develop your character from there and build on to your story....But write everyday, just like anything else, whether it be painting or playing an instrument or being on a team.....practice, practice, practice.....but you may already heard that before already..<br />
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Best of luck....