My Own Worst Enemy

I think the harshest critic of my own work would of course, be myself. I would love to write a novel. To complete an entire story. I can see my character and their challenges. Sometimes I can see how they'll overcome, sometimes I will create them and let their personality tell their own story, and sometimes everything I write seems like garbage. And despite the craving my readers have for more, or the continual praise I always feel as though what I've written is never good enough. "Nobody will read this." or "This is stupid." I can never really feel confident enough in my work to write much of anything as far as length goes.
Pierduta Pierduta
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Everyone feels like this.<br />
I have got into the habit of when I have finished a short story is to pop it into a draw and leave it there for a month or so. I then take it out read it. I am often surprised at this stage how pleased I am with them. I then do a bit of editting and re-writing and repeat the process.<br />
It works for me

What helped me get over my continual belief that my writing was crap was to admit it was crap. (Even if it's not) just say to yourself "Yes, I write crap. Some people like it and I enjoy writing it, so I"m going to keep spewing crap for as long as I can" because if you're having fun it doesn't matter how good the end result is, because the journey is worthwhile regardless.

I believe every writer has that issue. I know I do. My suggestion would be see if you can participate in a creative writing class or workshop. That way you can get other's hopefully ubiased opinions. Keep in mind not everyone will like your work. In the writing class I took some liked mine and some did not. Hell, look at the Twilight series. I, personally believe those books are crap but there are many who love them. But, again, try to find a class or workshop to participate in.