I want to not only write but publish a novel. I've written well into 3 novel ideas. I have over 100 pages written for 2 of them. I can't decide which one I want to really delve into and give my full attention. So for the moment, I write both. The only issue with that is I feel I'm not fully committed to either and so neither are beibg written with my full capabilities.

And the two novels are so different from each other. Of the 2 I'm seriously considering the one I've written most for is about a college student female who is surrounded by problems and falsehoods and a few mild mood disorders. The other that I'm writing is about a big spaceship housing a society of human like creatures who follow not one god but a family of gods. They both are fascinating subjects to me and in a perfect world I'd publish both. But should I slow down and focus on one at a time?
Dulcette Dulcette
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My goodness. I keep coming across things you've written and it's like you're my secret, long lost twin! I'm EXACTLY the same way and I am constantly coming up with new ideas but I never know which idea to give the attention to! :-)

Someday somebody should just sit down and write a novel, "My life is a blockbuster." and go from there. Then just keep filling the pages up with all the wild and crazy stuff that floats around in your head all day everyday.<br />
Pretty soon, you'll come up with one heck of a story and you'll think to yourself,"Who wrote this?" You dummy! You just have to find your real voice!

I would advise you finish the story that is most complete. just my opinion.

If it were me I'd just write about whatever I was most passionate and energetic about, and if that changes focus on something else until I have the creative flow and energy to write more. I don't think creative genius can be rushed or hurried, just do whatever feels good to you :)<br />
<br />
very interesting subjects by the way :) I have been thinking for a while to take up writing as well. Hope you do well!