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After this challenge on the internet to write a novel in a month (which i didn't succed) I started writing a fantasy book.  Its awsome being able to create your own world with no boundries and limitations.  It puts all the day dreaming i do to good use.  So i'm typing it up, i've got one chapter complete, and i'm working on the second, though i have a 5 chapter rough copy on paper.  If any one wants to read it let me know.  If not, well I hope you enjoyed this one. 
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that paragraph has really got me interested now; is there a possibility of any more?<br />

wow it's weird i can really relate to you . i have many writing books all filled with bits and pieces of stroies and poems . that extract was ..just WOW any more ??

Im sorry, I accidentally rated it down. But I did love your story. If you'd like, You can read some of my story. Your so creative!!!

Ok sure, well here's a section,<br />
<br />
After a few minutes something on the ground caught Sara’s eye. It was some kind of stone. She put down her stick and picked up the stone and studied it in the sunlight as it sat in the palm of her hand. It wasn’t a stone but a crystal, it was a perfect sphere and about an inch in diameter; and it was the same color as the cloudless sky above her. The shape puzzled Sara, but not nearly as much as the fact that is was warm. It felt like it had been lying in the hot sun all day, which could have explained it if she hadn’t found it in the shade of the trees. After a minute of wondering what could have caused this; the crystal began to become even warmer, as though it was generating its own heat. It was heating up very quickly as well, within seconds it was burning Sara’s hand. She tried to drop it but somehow it held fast to her hand. She began shaking her whole arm in a futile effort to release it from her hand. The pain was intense, like a thousand needles stabbing the same spot over and over again. When she had begun shaking her arm the crystal had also begun to glow and the light grew even faster than the heat, until it was so intense that she had shield her eyes. <br />
Sara was shaking her arm, shielding her eyes and let out a terrible, blood curdling scream. Then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped. She fell to the ground, shaking horribly, but the pain, the light, and even the crystal were gone. Sara, realizing this, forced herself up and ran toward the exit to the Hidden Meadow, planning to run all the way home. But when she reached the exit, she stopped in her tracks. Blocking her way out was a…… blue hole? It was a black hole, just like Sara had seen in movies, except it was a swirling mass of blue. To her horror, a wind suddenly picked up and pulled her toward the strange vortex. Sara dug in her heals, bent down and dug her nails into the ground, and resisted with every ounce of her strength but it was no good. Sara was pulled into the vortex. She fell into an abyss of swirling, sparkling blues. Despite her terror she couldn’t help but notice how pretty it actually was. Then everything went dark.

Yeah, i remember that internet write a story in one month, truthfully, that really was what got us started isn't it? You should post a section of your story on here, just like a paragraph, get some more people hooked. (wink) like i am. Daydreaming is the best, could do it all day. :)

Lol, I have a huge imagination too. I wanted to write before to. Lets just say I got lazy and started day dreaming again, lol.