From Dreams to Paper to Novels

I have a wild imagination, and often when it's not flowing over my lips, it's flowing through my head in a rushing river of dreams. I have had dreams of all kinds, and i loved every moment of them. Once, i had a particular dream that i thought could be the basis for a neat story. So, i wrote it down, then tried to create a story around it. I was hooked. Novel time. Now every time i have an idea, or a reallt neat dream, i try to figure out how i could base a story on it. Perhaps that's why i am writing over a dozen novels right now. But i have two major ones that are almost done, and i'm hoping that they'll be on the market soon. My friends and family have read what i have so far, and i think i'm gonna have a fan club even before the books come out! It's really great to have their support. When i look back, i'm amazed that i didn't start this sooner, writing is the coolest thing ever. I think being a writer is the best job in the world, because you get paid to daydream! Whenever i'm asked about how my stories began, i reply "From dreams to paper to novels."



Pheonix Pheonix
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2007

I hate writing dialogue, She said this, joe replied, tom stated. I find it sooo boring and can't get it to flow.

Yeah, i normally daydream for hours, just perfecting scenes and thinking up good descriotion, but it is soooo worth it to watch the novel come together, and when you get close, you just can't stop writing.

If I would write a novel about my life it would be like 20000 pages long lol, but I do want to write one maybe someday when I am old and grey lol