Title of My Novel...perfect Portrait With the Smudge

ok so I want to write an autobiography. Not because I am famous or rich but rather because of my ironic average typcial college kid....sorta... my life has a lot of side stories taking place for example, i've recently struggled w/depressopn, I've abused myself, my eating disorder, the history of alchol abuse and me and my family. another side story could be about the drugs i've takin. that could be a whole book in itself.  many ppl think i am an addict (i am not)  Not to mention my yougest brother who (finally) came out of the closet and has also been diagnosed as a kletomaniac. My "friends" have not only called me a ***** behind my back but also slept w/my ex. ironically enough I am the ***** because i am  still a 22 year old virgin....

so I think that the novels a pretty neat thing to do. I am not going to even write it until i am old and retired. For now i am going to let the memories happen and keep my journa up to date. so when it is time to write, my history is already there...all it needs is to well in the right format

vitoanol vitoanol
18-21, F
May 14, 2007