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Ever since my tender elementary school years, I've always been planning an ambitious writing project. Plot bunnies come and go. I finish one chapter there, another chapter here - edit a little, edit some more, and give up in disgust after the 3rd go.
In junior high, I "published" a chapter of one of my stories on fictionpress.com. Needless to say, that didn't go very far. There was only one nice reviewer. I got discouraged in the middle of the 2nd chapter and scrapped the whole idea.

I learned one thing, though: knowing that strangers out there were reading my work gave me a massive dopamine rush.

So I decided to try again. I published poems, short stories, and a funky little series that earned me 15 reviews in the first 2 weeks. (Insert gleeful squeals here.) Man oh man, even when I HATED writing, I loved the attention it gave me!

In high school, I decided to shape up my novel-writing. I had never gotten past 7k on one story, which was quite depressing, considering the length of novels on the market. I told myself, "You need to get a longer attention span if you want to get any sense of closure in your writing. Do something."

And so I went out to buy Chris Baty's "No Plot? No Problem!". Anyone familiar with Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) knows that Baty's approach to high-velocity novel writing is one heck of an amazing concept. By choosing quantity over quality, I managed to write my novel with minimal disruption from my "inner editor". I could actually churn out a few pages everyday! Me, the one-chapter-two-pages girl! For a few months there, I was in novelist heaven.

Right now my first novel is a little more than 80k words long -- and it's still alive. I mean, I haven't touched it in a while, but I blame that more on time restraints than a lack of inspiration. I also participated in Nanowrimo last year and wrote 50k on another story (which is also a WIP).

Although I've never actually finished writing a book yet, noveling has taught me so much about the craft itself & given me better insight on the books I read. Plus, it's just a great creative experience! All the inspiration and pain and kvetching and highs... there are no words, really. :D
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Chris Baty is amazing...