I Want to Write a Good Novel (not More Ca-ca)

Already wrote a crapola one.  Sometimes I think my creativity has up & left me!  But wait... maybe not... I did come up with an amazing cool idea for a presentation I have to give.  And I'm always inventing recipes.  I think my problem with writing is and always HAS been fear of exposing myself.  As a kid, a teacher wanted to publish a story I wrote, some scary halloween story... I refused!  I was afraid people would think I was a psycho!  That could have changed my LIFE.  Oh God.  Is that it, then????  Is that what's blocking my creativity?  Worry what people will think of me???  Me?  She who claims not to give a flying fun-goo what people think???  OMG!  I think I just had me an epiphany here! 

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

Epiphanies are great! If you think you're onto something, there's a pretty good chance you are!