I Don't Have a Clue What I'm Doing But....

....i won't ever be able to get ANYthing published, if i'm not writing.  so i write as often as i can.  i've had a novel idea in mind for my whole life but i've never known how to start or bring the whole idea together.  so, about a year or so ago, i started writing all my journal entries, as if i was writing them for someone else to read.  over time, i've actually managed to start buidling my novel....all based on my own, personal experience.  i'm thinking about starting with trying to get some short stories published.  it's a competitive field, so that's intimidating but, i think the best way to get heard is to speak with my own, unique voice.

MysticWriter MysticWriter
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2007

At least you can halfway spell, that's a good thing,too. Many editors will throw your manusc<x>ripts in the slush piles if they can't read the spelling and hate the grammar.

I’ve read some of your entries; you definitely have the passion and insight, good luck.<br />
You also have plenty of life experience to draw from, that might be the best place for you to start.<br />
Anyways, keep at it; write for the sake of writing