Maybe One Day

I feel like I have a lot of crazy experiences in my life to draw on and maybe write out some of my personal philosophy.  I wish I had taken a creative writing class in college, but I know there is a dictum that one ought to "write what one knows."  I feel I could do something like that and have it be pretty interesting.   

In my experience though writing can be difficult without any support, e.g. honest feedback. 
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Personal philosophy will be really fascinating! I hope I can finish some stories one day too, to make my readers realize of something in life. You can one day, as long as you don't give up!

Budding writers need to get a few helpful books: Dictionary, Synonym finder, Thesaurus, a book on rules of English and punctuation, and several books about ways to write. <br />
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Adults have to let go of the standard parameters and allow themselves to fantasize but usually can spell better than children. Children can easily fantasize, but they usually can not spell or place things into easy to follow language and events. <br />
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A writer has to LEARN to tap into his inner child for the story AND get enough education to lay out a story that is readable.<br />
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I found that several classes at the local universities bumped up my writing abilities a few notches. <br />
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My writing has little to do with fantasy. I write about real issues in society. So most of my time is taken in research. The writing is now much easier since the classes. <br />
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Good luck with your aspirations.<br />
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howdy!'re a writer, right? I mean, someone pays you for your words? i've always loved reading yoru were the first person i ever read on this site. so, bout some honest feedback from your writer's perspective on my writing?? what type of stuff do you write, by the way? i can't imagine writing from anything other than personal experience. i don't think i've really tapped into all of my creative energies, yet. i'm just now starting to make up seems to require a lot of courage for me to put my fantasies on paper....i wonder why??