I Would Like To Write A Screenplay, But I Need Some Help!

Well, I got the idea, the subject, the characters, the action, in one word: everything! But, it couldn't be perfect, so I still need some help in finding some sites or whatever with that specific "actions" that has to appear in a screenplay. I know some of them, but I'm sure there are more and I would like to know them and also, to know when and how to use them. Could you help me please? :D
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Formatting is everything. You need to purhchase scriptwriting software! It will format your work for you and there be peerful tools to aid your work. Second, read Syd Field on script writing. He the English laguage's authority on scriptwriting! If you have a ac computer, considerFinal Draft software!

Buy a book called How To Write A Screenplay by Christopher Keane.... It is an amazing book of both insight and entertainment. My Favorite part about the book is at the end he adds a full screenplay he wrote. I love this because not only do you get the knowledge and great how to, but you see it in full....to quote Stephen King "To be a writer, you must be a reader." In the book Keane provides an easy "how-to" to get it down very easily. You need to purchase a big cork board and different colored index cards and tacs. On each card write the Act and Scene. Use different color cards for the different acts....I.E
A1 S1
David Gross. Male. 31. "Sexy Stubble.
Int. Morning, Hotel room
David wakes up with a hang over, trying to remember the night before.
A1 S2
Int. Morning. Hotel room
David is in the bathroom rinsing off his face.
When he looks up. He sees blood smeared on the mirror.

Keep the writing on the cards short...just get it down. From beginning to end and then...there in front of you, is your entire story in basic form...change what you need/want. and then put it on paper. This book offers advice to the just beginning to the experienced who needs that extra boost. I hope this helps and good luck.