Joe Detective

Writing a song or writing a novel may be a matter of allowing them to happen.  I believe all words are music whether they are gently soothing, evocative of our spiritual nature, appeal to our most base nature, or they're a cacophony blending with a jangled world.  Words are song when they come from something both inside and outside of you.

I decided to write a story a few years ago and it turned into a detective series. I published the first on Smashwords and was encouraged by the response. I like 30s and 40s noir style set in modern times but I don't like noir endings.

This is what I discovered about my writing. It comes from somewhere else and just flows through me. I never outline, I come up with a working title and watch what happens. On many occasions I've written 18 hours a day for three or four days in a row.  I've awakened to find hundreds of pages written with my forehead on he keyboard.  Thank the Cosmic Muffin for the delete button.  After a rest, I'm at it again until the thing is finished.  When I see the words "The End" it's like waking from a trance or crossing an ocean in a sailboat. I can't believe it's over.

Joe Detective is on all the e-book sites and my political adventure, Fireclosure is getting flattering reviews as well. I guess a lot of people like insulting Wall Street, I sure do. And even more people like Joe because he's a bit of a rat. Not a bad rat, but if there ever was an "unmoral" character, Joe's it. And he's a wise guy. People like the dialog. But as I said, I have no idea where it comes from. Joe just appeared one day and my fingers told his story.  People say I channel him. I'm afraid it may have a darker psychological answer.  I'd rather not question.

I know a number of writers who plan what they write and I have never wished that I could. My stories happen, they're not planned. I guess I'm too entertained while it's happening. And the stories drive me to write them.  I'm as surprised at the next sentence or scene as a first time reader. And it's funny, I can't quote from my own books unless I refresh my memory by reading excerpts. I forget them once they're written. And when I read a little bit, I can't imagine writing them. It's nice that others remember and quote from my books, but it's embarrassing when they ask questions about where my stuff comes from or how plots twist. I don't know. The muse I guess.

I'd like opinions from anyone here who cares to give one. The synopsizes are on Smashwords (and Amazon, B&N, Nook etc) but Smashwords lets you read longer samples. So Joe Detective (an 8 book series) and Fireclosure await your scrutiny. Just Google Joe Detective JH Gordon and you'll see them all. I'd appreciate it. And for anyone who wishes, I'll return the favor.

By the way, my books are for mature readers, not children. Not that there's blatant sex but rather the subject matter may be indelicate for some tastes.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Your way of writing reminds me of how I wrote when I was younger, before I felt the inhibitors of doubt and fear of judgement. As I slowly get back into just the sheer joy of writing, I am hoping to capture that simple essence of me that just writes without planning. Well done and thank you as always for your encouragement.

Lucky or unlucky for me, at my age, I won't be looking back on it. I guess that's kind of liberating. I write because of a Muse, not for one. It's all just music, sometimes mine is like a jam session.