I Been Thinking

I feel like I live in a whole world no one else does. My brain being so active that i see and feel things others dont. Every where I go I am entertained with a story in my head just off of my surroundings. I was thinking maybe I should actually try to write a full story.
Arorin Arorin
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redhead reads?!

I want to read a story by you, Lion. Please, please, please write one for us!!!

I guess I will have to really try it then, thanks for the words bcboomer, and kassi.

Yes kitty. We all believe in you. You would be an amazing writer. You have such an intelligent mind. We are all here to support your wishes. Whether it'd be ripping up book pages or putting them together.

If you experience that many stories in your mind you should (please!) write them down. Many famous writers did not think they could do it - what if you are one in the making? Pick up that pen or fire up that<br />
pc and go for it!! Good Luck!

That isnt true! maybe if we rammed our heads together you will jump inside me like a ghost!

I can't get into your head, so I can't tell you!

I think you should tell me lol!

Nope, I cannot. :]

cant you just tell me?!

*shrugs* That is for you to figure out.

so much stuff though! what to write?! -_-,,,

Yeah, I understand. It's okay. Just write what you want.

I am just saying I get crazy with things sometimes. I guess I dont like others to know because it is opening a part of myself I havent opened before.

Yeah, but a lot of **** was made up. The houses changed, they weren't exactly like ours. And the cars could fly and change shape. *shrugs*

They had normal looking houses, cars, trains, animals, people. Sure they had other things in it as well but they had a lot of influence from our real world.

Harry Potter wasn't too realistic. It wasn't at all.

both harry potter and twilight was fantasy, but they kept it in a way that it could be reality where it wasnt just so crazy that it drove you wild. My fantasy land is a whole new world in general. <br />
<br />
i suppose it could be though i am not good at the fine tuning part.

just write the story it can always be fine tuned later.

Meh, in fantasy you can write whatever you want. You don't have to be specific and perfect in every detail you write. And... like Harry Potter and Twilight, yeah... that's fantasy and they were both a big hit.

If I wrote a story I would like to get as many people as I could to really like it. I think a lot less would like it if I wrote a fantasy though.

A lot of people like things like that.

I can do both, but people might not like it if it is fantasy and full of weirdness that I like with magic and blowing things up and such!

It's whatever you want to do. Write what you feel and what you want.

I just dont know if I should keep it fantasy, or write about something that could be real..

You should at least try.