Our Story!

Well, I was about to start a group just like this one, now I don't have to.

So here we go, I'll start.

There was this guy wondering through the forest one fine spring morning, and he stumbled and fell, as he got up, he relised he had tripped over a old large wooden box with golden handles on it.

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She wnet into dreamland where she saw....

.. but he didn't notice and kept on dancing

The lady passed out from all the excitement.

It was all meant to be, and they had came here for a great purpose. The tribe had been waiting for them for years.

The people welcomed them as if they were the fulfillment of a long-awaited prophecy. They found themselves being honored with food, blankets, flowers, drumming and song. The goddess of the tribe stepped forth to explain the purpose of everything they had been through. She wanted them to understand that...

But how could they get home, they wondered!

the urn, but as soon as they touched it, iy disappeared.

oasis. It had just occured to them how long it had been since they had had a drink of water. So they walked over and found...

A tribe of native people! They both began to want it to just end. But they were intriged by the primative people.

As he was drinking his wine the old wizard presented him with a sword. He said this was no ordinary sword, It was a,,,

"She's on her way to a far off land" he said calmly "you must go with her, drink your wine and hold her hand"

...Just then she started shaking and her eyes got all glassy. Her man jumped up in shock and shook her to wake her from whatever she was now seeing... `What have you done to her, old man?!`, he yelled. And the old man said...

She looked ahead with unflinching gaze and had a powerful vision of a distant land with beautiful gardens and people robed in silk. Would she go to Japan?

They both looked at each other with curiosity, she said, "well, after everything else today, what have we got to loose", then she slowly drank the whole glass, while he just sat and stared in amazment.

... A beautiful maidservant appeared, took the wine and poured some out into beautiful crystal glasses and set the glasses before them, before winking and gliding away ...

`I`ve been expecting you` ...and motioned for them to sit at his table. He picked up the bottle of wine, and stared at them both carefully. `This wine gifts great and powerful visions to those that drink it, but it has occasionally driven the few unsound ones mad... Would you like a glass?`...

At a table in cloths of a peasant sat a man with very long white hair. In front of him was a loaf of bread, and a bottle of very old looking wine. He raised his eye to look at his new visitors and said,,,

...Glad to see the dragon fly off, they had no choice but to approach the small but beautifully carved door. The symbols on it seemed to glow as they approached. Then it slowly started to open...

was also helpless to loosen the grip of the dragon.<br />
<br />
Over mountains and across oceans they we carried.<br />
<br />
The without warning the dragon released them in front of an old shack. The home of a great wizard.

Frantically she tried to loosen themselves from the dragons grip, but they were held fast. The only thing she could do was wait for them to be put down. The man gained consciousness while in the air and...

...suddenly the dragon came up from behind them and grabbed both by the back of their clothes and flew off with them, she screamed and he passed out.

...and came to life! Shocked, she dropped the sword and heard the anguished scream of the nearby dragon, and then...

As they approached the stairs the armor started to vibrate and give off a harmonic tone.

But unknown to our two adventurers was the fact that magic dwells inside those suits of armour...

There were two different stairways one to the right and on to the left.<br />
The armor of knights stood erect seemingly guarding the stairs.

Eerie sounds greeted them as they tentatively started exploring the castle...

glowing sword for defense as her pushed Sheena into the castle gate.

They could hear the dragon wings before they saw him fly around the corner of the castle.<br />
<br />
The man grabbed a big red...

as the two jump out of the raft they relised something was not right about this golden castle. "something is watching us" said the woman. The man replied...

... and they suddenly decided to jump off the raft before it passed this curious and ornate structure; They could not miss the chance to explore such a mysterious castle...

castle seemed to rise out of the river as they picked up speed.....

And climbed onto the raft, and the water churned and bubbled and started to rush them downstream to where a giant golden...

A giant rubber raft shaped like a rubber ducky popped to the surface.

They finally felt they had a moment to sit and try to make some sence of all the events of the last 30minutes.

They noticed the king monkey had a whole ring of keys around his neck.<br />
<br />
The woman hit the monkey over the head with the torch and he took the key ring.<br />
<br />
Of course this upset the other flying monkeys very much.<br />
<br />
All hell broke lose in the monkey cave at this point.<br />
<br />
Again they found them selves running through the caves.<br />
<br />
Down they went, farther and farther until they lost the flying monkeys. <br />
<br />
They found themselves in another cavern, with a giant waterfall.

The king flying monkey flew down to them and said " WAZZZZZ UUUUPPPPPPP???????

They chased the flying monkey through the cave.<br />
They entered a cavern full of flying monkeys.

And just as they were about to toss the key, he lifted his hand to throw and a flying monkey swooped in and took off with it. <br />
<br />

They tried the key, wouldn't you know it, it didn't fit.

As they walked further they found a key. Maybe this goes to the second box.

to give the light of fact and knowledge to; reveal truths to; free from ignorance,prejudice,or suprstition to make clear to the facts

Enlightment is the KEY.

Ahead, on the wall of the cave was a message illuminated by the torch. It gave them hope! It read:

The stumbled through the dark, until they both tripped over another box.

The spirits of greed vanity and envy wanted there untainted souls.

So they followed the torch, deep into the cave. It felt like it was slowly getting warmer.

They were the spirits of greed, vanity, and envy.

Its as if the torch was leading them somewhere and would only stay lit when she was moving in the right direction

The 3 spirits were real, and evil.

She grabbed the torch and as she walked it stated to go out and when she tuned back the torch became bigger

But no this was no flashback, This was real, and she was real. He looked at the beautiful woman. His new fund friend and wondered what she was thinking. She seemed cold and far away in her thoughts.

For a moment, the guy thought back to that day he ate that strange mushroom, he thought he was having some sort of flashback!

The magic torch followed them into the hole.

As they ran into the cave they suddenly slid into a deep dark hole.

Magically a burning torch ignited on the wall of the cave.

They found themselves in each others arms as fear ran through their bodies

A voice floated on the breeze, inviting them into the cave...

They ran into the cave, as it seemed like the safest place to be.

They found themselves on a snow covered peak looking at the mouth of a cave.

The wind started to blow, day turned to night as ice started to form and everything was covered in snow.

But just before they could say their wish out loud a mist settled over the woods...

They asked "How would it benefit us?"

They thought for a minute and wished they were somewhere far far away

The evil spirit said. STRIKE ONE!!!! This would benefit you...

After minutes of contemplation they asked for peace in their war torn land...

The evil spirits offered them three wishes. <br />
The three wishes had to be wishes that they wished together, and could not benefit themselves..

The evil spirits of the box emerged.

They both quickly moved away from the box, without thinking.

The word CAUTION glowed and in small print under that read pandora's box.

Their eyes met in recognition that something truly amazing and magical was happening here!

...and then the locks on the box slowly unlocked. Willow gestered to him to open the box.

As she brought the pendant closer both the pendant and the handles started to glow...

She replied "I haven't seen it before, but that writing looks much like the writing on my pendent". She showed him the golden charm she wore around her neck.

He asks the woman, who she was, and if she knew the origin of the box he had just found.

The golden handles were covered with an inscription that was written in a language he didn't know....yet seemed oddly familiar.The words seemed to call to him with a voice from long ago and far away.

He was amazed by her confedence and grace. "I am fine I just tripped over". He then remembered the box.

She slowly turned to see who spoke and gave him a gentle but inquisitve smile and said "Hello, my name is Willow. Are you Ok? You look a little..." She paused. "Mmm, shocked?"

.....a fair young lady with flowers in her golden hair.

He wondered if he would be able to break the lock with a heavy stone or something, he looked around and suddenly he saw......

He inspected it, amazed at his find but then realized it was locked, and there was no key in sight...