May Be Hard to Follow Haha

I'm sitting here, in front of the computer screen, drinking orange soda (I LOVE orange soda) and I'm soo bored.. I miss my friend, she's off doing God knows what and I'm stuck here with fading hair. Do I want to put orange in my hair? Maybe, sure. Why not. I need to comlete my rainbow. Why does the bottom of this page ask me if I'm a genius? It's really saying "I know you're blonde, so can I prove you're dumb?" I like blonde jokes though. They're funny even though they're offending sometimes. Nah, I don't mind. I'm not a stupid blonde anyways. I love this song! Garbage is such an awesome band... It's some nice arena rock. I'm gonna let my best friend listen to them while she's coloring my hair tomorrow. I can't wait!! I love my best friend to death. I have one good friend left. The 22nd was my birthday, I had a crappy day. But we're going somewhere for it on saturday with one of my friends (best friend couldn't come D: ) Speaking of my best friend, she's sick. Something wrong with her heart DX I'm so scared for her. I think it's really serious but she laughs about it. Why would she do that? Defense mechanism. She barely ever comes to school, and I miss her lots. She doesn't know how boring school is without her! I hang out with my sister's friends at school when she's not there. And they're funny and all, I just wish I had my own friends to hang out with at lunch (more than one anyway). This song says "You should see my scars". I have scars, one is on my arm from my cat and another is from a girl's fake nail getting stuck in my hand. It was at a school dance about three years ago and we were arguing. So somehow her nail stabbed me in the hand and I was walking around dripping blood on the floor.. Haha! I remember the face that the teacher gave me! It was sorta like this O.o Then she said "Go wash that!" Oooh, it burned! Ah, well now it's just a scar. But it's pretty noticible if you look at my palm. BAM there it is haha. My friends and people I don't know are always touching my hands. I guess they're abnormally soft? And then the other day this girl rubbed her face on mine because people were saying my face was baby soft XD I don't like when people touch me though. They make me really uncomfortable. My friend's brother was holding on me today and I don't like it! I think he likes me, but I would never go out with a friend's brother, you know? Ahhh, my orange soda is gone. But I have a slight headache, from playing tennis I guess. I don't know. My computer desk needs dusting! I spilled soda on the keyboard (I mean, somebody else did!) so the v and c and space bar stick sometimes. Actually the space bar frequently comes off... I didn't mean to it just happened. I wonder where my mom is now? I haven't seen her since after school.... Hm. I think she went to take pictures for her work. But I don't know where... Dang it's that late already?!! No!! I don't want to go to school tomorrow, there's a creepy guy that is almost a stalker. I don't like guys too much right now. Ugh, my head hurts worse now!! I don't like this song.. switch... switch... switch... Okay. That's better. I should go, I have to write an email... I think I will. I have been typing for how long? Since I made my ice cream cone... Which might have been 30 minutes... Oh well. I'm outta thoughts till my next stream :)
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Interesting way of expressing yourself.