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I really want to document my life.  I think it may be helpful to others who have gone through everything I have experienced.  However, I fear it may be too painful for others who know me to read.  I have pondered whether I should start a website under a pen name and let others read the autobiography; however, I have had a unique life and anyone who knows me would figure out it's me anyhow.  I don't know... it's a tricky situation.  

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That'll be wonderful.Tell us more.

I too would like to write an autobiography but don't knoe how to start, [it would be funny - serious - and even make you cry at points] it is very interesting to here (or read) and have you wonder why have i continue to let myself any longer suffer. Do you have any ideas on how you go about getting started?????

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I would appreciate your feedback regards my website. I am trying to create a place where people can share their stories and autobiographies. I intend developing it to include famous autobiographies as well - <br /><br />
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I used to wonder how my "revealing certain things" in my autobiography would affect those who would be mentioned in specific events. But, when I stopped for a minute and asked myself "why do I want to write about my life" it no longer became an issue. Of course, like most of us (I assume), I have always thought that my life would make one hell of a book, but I also want to help promote the idea that even the most horrific experiences, tragedies and all around crappy events, can have a positive effect on your life and who you are or who you become. Even if the hits just keep on coming. Sounds a bit "afterschool specialish" I know, but it is true, cause if it's not, I've been living one damn good lie!

I've thought about this too, but you're right, people around you reading it is a scary possibility. I was thinking of maybe waiting a while until I'm old enough to be more comfortable with my life and making myself vulnerable to those around me before taking up anything like that.