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I recently read a quote that said "We write what we know." So, I started thinking about what I know, and that would be... myself. Pretty basic, until I started thinking about all the things that make up who I am. So, I wrote out a list, and hopefully it helps you too, on where to start with an autobiography...

-         Family members
-         Pets
-         friends I’ve had
-         family friends
-         clubs i've been part of
-         Vacations I've been on
-         Places I've lived
-         Schools I've attended
-         Relationships i've been in
-         Jobs I've had
-         Concerts i've been to
-         Religion
-         Books, music, etc.
-         Hobbies
-         Likes and dislikes

So, of course each person is totally different, but here's kinda where I started. And once you start listing things, all the memories start flooding back. Hope it helps :)

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Hi<br />
My name is Tom Nicholson and I am in the process of creating my website - and would appreciate if you would consider including your story. If you visit my website you will hopefully appreciate my vision and I want stories like yours to help realise this.<br />
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I read many autobiography how-to's (most seemed to be about book writing) but had difficulty finding one relevant to my needs (video memoirs). Finally found a great book that integrates the classic elements of STORY. Terrific for finding your focus (what in Hollywood they'd call the "Arc"):<br />
"Your Life As Story" by Tristine Rainer. She also wrote another one about diaries: "The New Diary".<br />
<br />
- gcomvid<br />