Hey fellow writers, so I'm currently working on a book. I've been looking for people that have a passion for writing and that are just starting—like me. The goal would be to work with a group of awesome writers in which the object would be to get a good promotion, recognition. I don't mean necessarily working on the same book, but basically like joining a "guild" in some way. A group of people that would create/write their own amazing stories and if put out moderately on specific release dates—under the same kind of title/name of productivity—one after the other, it would create a wave of interest for the readers. (Yes you would still have your real name on your book, no problem)
Also the credit of each book would belong to it's writer obviously without exception. So that's my project, anyone can join as long as your story is you know, serious and interesting, enough that we could easily tell that you have a true passion for writing—you get the point. Also I plan on doing a site for us in the near future on which there would be reviews of our books to again; promote them.
If seriously interested message me and we'll talk, or if you have questions you can ask and I'll try to answer as soon as possible. Have a good day
P.s. Sorry for spamming for those who have no interest what so ever.
BasicWritingInc BasicWritingInc
18-21, M
Sep 1, 2014