Smugglers Part 1 By Baronvontrier And His Little Brother

This story is writin under the under standing you have seen the star wars movies

The light freighter shot into hyperspace.
‘Glad we ditched those Imperials’ Collin said

‘right but if they track us were doomed’ said the copilot sitting next to him

‘you’re right Stuart’ said Collin ‘you fly for now and I’ll check the guns.’As Collin walked into the Rover’s cargo bay the side gunner Max was checking the load of spice they were taking to Mintor 3.

‘Hows it going’ Collin said
there was a pause before
Max answered ‘it’s going fine all the cargo is intact’
‘how are the guns?’ Collin asked ‘
fine’ said Max ‘the ship’
Collin said ‘intact‘ said Max “good thats what I like to hear’ and with those words Collin walked off.
As the ship jumped out of light speed Stuart said over the inter com ‘Collin you better get up here it looks like the local security is coming after us’. ‘I’ll be right up’ Collin replied.

When Collin stepped on the bridge Stuart was waiting Stuart said ‘here comes the bad guys’.
‘Get to the rear guns Stuart and get rid of those Z-95’s’.
A sudden jolt ran through the ship Collin glanced at the deflector shied meter it read shield’s at 85%.From the seat in one of the Z-95 headhunters ‘leader to all other ships back off this freighters mine’ ‘but lead’ a voice said over the intercom ‘our shied’s are no good agianst blaster cannons and they have more guns’.
Max took careful aim and fired, streaks of bright red flashed from his gun, one of the Z-95’s exploded in a ball of flames.
Stuart yelled over the intercom ‘one seems to be bolder then the rest’ Max’s cool answer came back to him ‘just level your guns and fire’ Stuart leveled his to blaster cannon’s and fired. The leader of the Z-95’s saw lines of red lines flying toward him he pulled up. To late his ship shuddered under impact he looked around red warning lights flashed his engines failed his wing’s were on fire and he was injured suddenly his ship exploded. ‘Going into the atmosphere now’ said Collin.

Once on the ground the crew of the Rover was having a drink when 2 scout troopers walked in and started to check ID’s. ‘Let’s get out of here’ Max whispered to Collin and with those words they snuck out of the bar.
Back on the Rover Collin had finished his preflight check list and thought how glad he was to be rid of that cargo.
‘Pulling out of the atmosphere now’ he said, suddenly on his scanners he saw 12 blips headed there way he looked through the view screen and with a shock ran through him they had flown right into a space battle.
‘Take evasive action’ Collin yelled ‘TIE fighters yelled Stuart ‘get to the rear guns’ Collin yelled back. ‘TIE leader to all other TIEs we found the freighter’ ‘good’ a voice said ‘now destroy it’ ‘yes sir’ the pilot replied. ‘All fighters in squadren 1 lets get that ship’.
Max breathed deeply and pressed the red button flashes of red flew of his side guns and hit one of the TIE fighters the TIE fighter spun away and exploded.
‘This is TIE lead over TIEs stay close and lets get that ship’.
He flew in and made a pass firing both his torpedeo’s and pulled up he was glad to see only 2 of his fighter’s shot down.
Collin glanced at his at his damage meter’s shield’s are out it read he called up Stuart on his comlink ‘what should we do’ he asked Stuart said ‘try to make it to that Rebel frigate’
. ‘Blue leader this is the Farstar we spotted a ship coming towards and its being attacked by the Imps give it a hand’ ‘Rogar that Farstar we’ll give it a hand’ ‘all X-wing’s follow me’.
‘All right TIE’s follow me one more run should.....aaauuuuggg!!!’.
‘Blue 6 watch your back out there’ ‘I can’t my ship is to shakey I’m breaking up!’ ‘Blue 6 is down, well, lets finish off these TIEs’ said blue leader.
‘This the Farstar to Blue Squadren escort our friends here to the hanger’.
On the bridge Collin met with captian and told him what he was doing and the captian when he heard they had flying expierance put Max as replacment for Blue 6 and Collin and Stuart in Yellow squadran.

‘Yellow squadren you are clear to engage’

‘rogar that Farstar’

‘Yellow lead out’.

‘What are we doing’ Collin said over the comlink.

‘We blow up a Imp crusier and that clears the way for us to jump to light speed’ replied Yellow leader. ‘All right here we go Yellow 3 and 7 you two Smugglers stay in formatian and don’t fly away under any condiatians our you’re dead meat to those TIEs’.

‘We read you Yellow leader’ Collin said over his comlink.

‘Alright here we go’ yelled Yellow 8 into his comlink

‘you are cleared for take off Yellow squadren’ said the Farstar’s bridge. In space a huge battle was raging.

‘All right Yellow squadren we are attacking that star cruiser the TIE fighters are going to give us the once over and then they attack our fighter escort and we go in and blow that ship to kingdom come’. A million thought’s rushed through Collin’s head but he pushed them aside as they started there attack run.
‘Here come the fighters stay close’ Yellow leader said into his comlink. As the TIE fighters advanced on the Y-wings suddenly the 8 TIE fighters split away and opened fire on the Y-wings.

‘8’s going down’ said Yellow 5

‘my left stabliezer is on fire’ said Yellow 4.
The TIE fighters peeled away and started attacking the X-wings of Blue squadren.

‘Pulling over the target now’ said Yellow leader

‘wait I got TIE defenders on my sensor’s’ Collin said.The TIE defenders opened fire bright green lasers spraying from their Blaster cannons

‘I’m hit going down’ said Yellow 5 seconds before he exploded.
Collin fired his cannons at a TIE defender streaking by and it went down in a ball of fire. Theres the cruiser start your attack run.Collin watched as Yellow 1and 2 dropped their payloads and headed towards the Farstar. Alright Yellow 3 your turn. Collin wiped sweat off his brow and rolled in. He pressed the button the bombs fell away and exploded. As Collin turned the Y-wing around a flak burst nearly tore his wing off but he still flew doggedly on towards the Farstar. Collin looked backwards in time to see Yellow 4 drop his payload but only to have his left wing come flying off and his Y-wing descend in flames.
Collin watched the Torpedos exploded, as the other Y-wing and X-wings land among cheering crew members of the Farstar.
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Apr 29, 2012