Nudism At A Foster Home

I had gotten kicked out of one of my foster homes for being nude at the wrong time. It was after my foster parents had left for a few hours. I had gotten naked and was walking around the house. I had been even naked outside. It was when I was outside the home when the pulled into the drive-way and caught me in the nude. I was marched right into the front room and given a lecture too. They did not think it was right for me to be naked outside or inside the home. A call was made to my social worker and I was taken out of the home a couple of days later.
This new foster home was supposed to be a better fit for me then the last one. When I arrived at the home it was at the end of a long drive way, the nearest house was at least a mile and a half away. My social worker and I got out of the car and I headed up the sidewalk toward the front door. The front yard was open and wide. There was no fence between the front yard and the road.
In fact I didn’t see any fences anywhere. We arrived at the front door and my social worker knocked on the front door. About a minute passed before a young barefoot eight year old girl answered the door. She was wearing a long loose blue dress. My social worker smiled at her and the little girl stepped aside. We entered the house and came into the living room.
“Hello, you must be Steven.” said a friendly voice.
My new foster mom came walking out of kitchen. She was older about twenty five years old. She was wearing a long loose red dress. Like the little girl she was also barefoot. She entered the living room and then motioned for us to sit down on the couch. The social worker and I sat down. My social worker opened her briefcase and pulled out a file. She then handed over the file to my new foster mom.
After she took the file she opened it and looked through it. She then looked at me and said “My name is Mary and I think you will fit right in here.”
My social worker without saying a word stood up and then left the house. Mary stood up and said “Lisa, show Steven to his room please.”
Lisa, the eight year old little girl I had seen earlier, walked up to me and said “This way please.”
I followed her down a hallway to a door way. She opened the door and I looked in. “This is your room. Mine is next to yours, and Lisa's is at the end of the hall. The bathroom is across from your room.” she said pointing out each room to me.
I entered the room and Lisa walked back to the front room. I put down the suitcase on the floor. I looked around the room. It held a bed, a chair, and a desk. There was also a closet and a dresser.
“Steven, could you come to the living room please?” said Mary.
I left my new room and headed toward the front room. I sat down on the couch beside Lisa. I looked at Mary. She smiled and said “I have read your file. I see that you were kicked out of your last foster home because they caught you naked outside. Is that correct?”
I nodded at her. She then said “Tell me the truth, why were you naked outside?”
I looked at her and said “I won’t get into more trouble if I tell you, will I?”
She shook her head no. Smiling, I told her “I like being naked. I like the feel of the air on my skin. I like the sunlight on my skin as well. I sometime don’t like the feel of clothing on my skin.”
“How old are you Steven?” Mary asked.
“Eight.” I replied.
“Do you think it is okay to be outside in the nude?” she asked me.
“I have been told that it is not okay to be outside in the nude.” I answered.
“In many places and many homes you will find that it is not okay to go naked either in the home or out of the home.” She told me.
“If I were to tell you that you could be naked all the time while you lived here, if you would do only one thing for us. Would you do that one thing?” Mary asked me.
I looked at her in surprise. “You mean that if I did something for you, I can be naked inside the house and outside the house? Anytime I wanted to? Do you mean that?”
She smiled and said “The only time you would be required to wear clothing is when you are not on the property or when we have a guest over.”
I looked at her and then at Lisa. I thought about it for a couple of seconds. I then said “What would I have to do?”
Mary smiled. Then she said “All you have to do is ***** naked in front of Lisa and me.”
I again looked at her and Lisa. They were both smiling at me, while awaiting my decision. I stood up and kicked off my shoes. I sat down and took off my socks. Next I pulled off my shirt. Lastly I hooked my thumbs into my pants and underwear, then in one solid motion pulled them off. I stood there in front of both Lisa and Mary naked as the day I was born.
Lisa said “Turn around.”
I slowly spun in a circle. Lisa and Mary both looked at me. Mary then said “Lisa, your turn.”
I looked at Lisa who looked at Mary. Lisa then stood up. Then, grabbing onto the bottom of her dress lifted it up and over her head. She placed her dress on to the couch. She was not wearing anything on under the dress. She was now completely naked. I then said “Turn around.”
She smiled at me then slowly turned around giving me a good look at her naked body. Mary smiled at us both. She then stood up and pulled off her own dress, showing off her own naked body. She said “This is a nudist household. Here you can be naked all the time. You can go anywhere on our property that you want naked.”
Lisa looked at the clock and said “It’s almost three o’clock. Mary, you said that I could do it today.”
Mary looked at the clock and said “Only if you take Steven with you.”
I looked at Lisa and asked “What are we going to do?”
Lisa looked at me. She then headed to the front door. As she was walking she said “Mary said that if we were naked by three o’clock, I could be outside when the mailman delivered the mail.”
She opened the door and led us outside. The sun was shining in the sky as we headed down toward the mail box. The road was quiet. The grass felt good against the bottom of my feet. I started to smile even more as we walked toward the mail box.
Lisa looked at me when we got to the mail box. She smiled then said “you really enjoy being out here naked? How do you feel about the mailman coming? He is going to see us naked you know.”
I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t mind. It might be fun. Has the mailman ever seen you naked?” I asked.
“Once he did, at least I think he did. I didn’t give him a very good view of my body. I like it when people see me naked.” she answered.
We arrived at the mailbox. A few minutes later the mailman came by. He stopped in front of us and smiled. Lisa stepped up and asked “Do you have any mail for us?”
He smiled at her. He then told her “I have some mail for you but I want you to back up a couple of steps so I can take some pictures of you and the young man over there. I want some pictures of both of you alone and then together.”
“Okay.” she agreed.
She stepped back as the mailman pulled out a camera and started taking pictures of her. He then motioned for me to come over and started to take pictures of me. He told me how to pose. He then took some pictures of us together. After he was done he put the camera away and gave Lisa the mail for the house. We stayed there waiving at him as he drove off. We were about to head into the house when a school bus drove by.
Lisa turned and faced the school bus as it drove past. I turned and looked at the bus as well. The bus was full of kids about our age. They all moved to the side of the bus to get a look at us. The bus driver even stopped the bus. After a few minutes we waved at the kids inside the bus and headed back to the house. The bus kept going on down the road.
Once back inside the house, Mary stepped forward then said “I was watching you from the window. I know that Lisa enjoyed being naked in front of everyone but how did you feel about it Steven?”
“It felt good. I actually enjoyed being naked and having those people look at me.” I answered.
Mary smiled. “That bus that went past is the same bus you will be riding tomorrow on the way home from school. I have already enrolled you into school. You will be in the same class as Lisa. I will be taking you both to school tomorrow and then you will come back by bus. Now go outside and play, I will call you when dinner is ready.”
Lisa put the mail down on the table and we headed out the backdoor to play. We played until dinner time. After dinner we played some more till it was time to get ready for bed. Mary took us to the bathroom and started the shower. We both got in at the same time. Mary helped us wash our bodies in places we could not reach. We then went to our different rooms and sleep well.
The next day we ate breakfast in the nude. Mary said “When you are done with breakfast, I want both of you to go get the clothes you want to wear to school. Then bring them to us.”
I went to my room and grabbed a pair of shorts, t-shirt, shoes, socks, and underwear. I took them to the dining room and put them on the table. Lisa had put on the table a dress and a pair of shoes. Mary looked over my clothes and then took out the underwear and socks. She said “You don’t need to wear these. I want both of you to wear as little clothing as possible during the day at school.”
She then grabbed a dress and put it on. She also put on her sandals and grabbed the keys to the car. Lisa picked up her clothes and her backpack, and then headed for the door. I followed suit. We both got into the car after Mary unlocked it in the nude. Lisa put her clothing down next to her and her backpack at her feet. I did the same on my side.
“Whenever Mary takes us to school or out of the house anywhere this is how we travel. Our cloths are right next to us in case we need to wear them.” Lisa explained.
We soon pulled into the parking lot of the school and had to get dressed. Mary led me to the principal’s office as Lisa followed. We meet the principal and I had the same classes as Lisa. Mary left soon after, but not before handing Lisa a note. I spent the day with Lisa and some of her friends. They were some of the same friends who had been on the bus yesterday and saw us naked.
When the day was over Lisa and I went to our bus that we were going to ride. The route was set up so that we were the first to be dropped off and the last to be picked up. Lisa stopped to speak to the driver as I went back to find a seat. Lisa soon came forward to where I was sitting with a smile on her face. She sat down next to me and the driver took off.
Lisa handed me the note that Mary had given her. The note said that Lisa and I were going to be allowed to ***** naked in front of the bus. We were going to do it in our yard. When we got to our house the driver stopped the bus. Lisa and I got off the bus. Then the driver said “Everyone off the bus.”
Everyone looked around and then started to get off the bus. The driver moved everyone over to the side of the bus facing our house. When everyone was standing there Lisa said “Steven and I are going to do something for everyone who rides this bus. We are going to get naked for you. I will go first.”
She then slipped off her shoes and dropped her backpack to the ground. She then pulled her dress up and off her body. She dropped the dress onto the backpack. She stood there completely naked. I looked at her and smiled. I took off my shoes as everyone turned to look at me. I then dropped my backpack on the ground. I pulled off my t-shirt and put in on my backpack. I then pulled off my shorts and put it on the backpack as well. Everyone was smiling at us as we stood there naked. Someone yelled “Turn around so we can see all of you!”
Lisa and I turned around showing our naked bodies to everyone who was on the bus. The bus driver got everyone back on board the bus and then drove off. We stayed out in the front yard till the bus disappeared. We went into the house. The rest of the day was spent nude in front of each other.
The next day Mary got a call when we were having breakfast. Once the call was done she turned to us and said “That call was from the school district. They have decided to let you two ride the bus naked to and from school, weather permitting of course. But you have to get dressed when you get to school. You have to get dressed and undressed in the bus. Other than that you can ride naked.”
We picked out our clothes and grabbed our backpacks. The morning and the day were supposed to be warm. We exited our house in the nude. We waited for the bus to pull up in front of our house. We got onboard in the nude. Everyone watched us as we walked to the back of the bus and took two different seats. I was seated next to a nine year old girl. It was a good feeling. She looked over at me and didn’t say a word. The trip home was a fun one.

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Sep 16, 2012