The Game

this is the first half of a new story i have written. hope you enjoy it.

The game
I was about seven years old when I was moved into a group home. I was there with three other boys and three girls. All the kids were older than me. The youngest was about 12 years old and the oldest was 14 years old. It was near the end of the school year when I moved in. During the day the rest of the kids were in school so I had the run of the place. One day on a Monday I believe, I was outside naked. I had gotten into the habit of stripping when I got outside since I knew there was no one in the area. I had found a spot of grass near the lake and laid down on it. I fell asleep as I looked at the sky. I was waked up by my foster mom Mary.
After I woke up I asked "Am I in trouble for being naked?"
She asked me a question. "Why are you naked?"
I answered "I like being naked. I don’t like wearing clothes."
She smiled at me and said "No you are not in trouble as long as you remember there is a time to be naked and a time to be dressed. When all the other children are at school, you can be naked. I want you wearing clothes when they come home. During the times that they are home you must be dressed, even if it is just a pair of shorts. At night you need to wear a pair of underwear."
I agreed to this. She then said "I will let you stay out here the rest of the day." and she did that.
I stayed the rest of the day naked. When it came time for the kids to come home I put on my shorts and went into the house. This is the way the days went for the next week. Only on the weekend did I not go outside in the nude or spend the day nude in the house. On the next Monday I was going to get naked when Mary stopped me. She said "We have a new young girl coming over today. So I am afraid you must remain dressed today."
"Does this mean I won’t be able to go outside naked anymore?" I asked.
"I think you will like her. From what I have heard you too have some things in common. I will make you a deal. If you stay dressed all day today, I will let you sleep in tomorrow and when I get you up I will allow you to eat breakfast in just a pair of underwear." she said.
“Okay." I said.
That afternoon the young girl arrived with her social worker. Mary brought me into the front room after the social worker had left. "This is Amanda. She is the same age as you. I want you to take her around the property tomorrow. You two can talk for a while." she said.
She then took me aside and said "Remember what I told you this morning. So far you are doing well. Don’t tell Amanda about the deal I made with you."
I asked "Can I tell her I like to go nude?"
She answered "No, you can't"
We went back over to Amanda. I sat down next to her and we started talking. I learned that she liked walking and swimming. I told her all about the property. I kept quiet about the deal I made with Mary and the fact that I liked to be nude. I stayed dressed the rest of the day. The next morning Mary was true to her word. I was gotten up by Mary and allowed to go downstairs in only a pair of underwear. I sat down and was eating my cereal when Mary brought in Amanda. Amanda was wearing a pair of pink panties and nothing else. She was topless. Amanda sat down next to me and ate her cereal.
Mary came up to us and said If you two promise to stay out of trouble, I will let you spend the day in what your wearing right now."
We promised her. That day I took Amanda out and about on the property. We stayed out of trouble the whole day. Mary was very pleased. Mary said to us "Since the two of you have gotten along so well and have done such a good job staying out of trouble today. I will have a special treat for tomorrow."
The next morning when she got me up she let me stay in my underwear. Amanda was also in a pair of panties. After we ate our breakfast Mary took us to the back door and let us out. Mary closed the door behind her and said "Both of you come here. It is time for the special treat. Who wants to go first?"
"I will." I said not sure of what the special treat would be. Mary came up to me. She bent down and said "You can take off your underwear and get naked."
I looked at her with surprise. I then reached down and pulled off my underwear, then naked I handed them to her. Mary took them and then turned to Amanda and said "Now it’s your turn Amanda."
Amanda pulled down her underwear and then standing there naked, she handed her underwear to Mary. Mary took Amanda’s underwear and stood up. She smiled at us as neither one of us was covering ourselves up.
"I want you two to have fun today. You both get to be naked all day today. You can talk about anything you want. When you get hungry just come back to the house and I will feed you lunch." she said.
"You mean it?" I asked her.
She nodded her head. Amanda and I looked at each other and then took off running. As we ran from the house I heard Mary laughing behind us. Amanda and I talked about our pasts and how we both enjoyed being naked. I told her of the deal I made with Mary and she told me of a similar deal she made with Mary. When we got hungry we headed to the house for lunch. Mary surprised us by making a picnic lunch for us and letting us eat it outside. She let us play a few more hours till the other kids were supposed to come home. We got dressed.
We spent the next day in the nude as well. We were on the far side of the property Friday about midday. We were walking toward the house to get some lunch. We were on the far side of a hill when we heard some voices in the distance. We made our way to the top of the hill and there in the distance near the house were the rest of the kids. Mary was there with them. The kids were heading out onto the property, looking like they were searching for something.
"What are we going to do?" asked Amanda.
"I don’t know. Mary does not want us to be naked around the other kids." I said.
"I think we have to hide from them. We could treat it like a game of hide and seek." said Amanda.
I nodded and then said "We need to get to Mary without the other kids seeing us or get into the house where we can get dressed."
We headed out. We made it a quarter of the way before we had our first close call. One of the male kids was near us. We ducked into some brush and hide ourselves. We waited till he left and kept going toward the house. We were both silent as we moved along. Our next close call was only a little ways away when we saw the back of a couple of kids. They were looking away from us so we hid behind some fallen trees. The kids moved away and we headed back toward the house once more.
The next close call came when we were near the barn. We managed to duck into the barn were we hid behind a wall as a pair of girls climbed down a ladder. One of them said "Steven and Amanda are not up there. We searched the barn already. Let’s go look out by the lake."
Amanda looked at me and I looked at her.
I whispered to her "They are looking for us?"
She whispered back "I think so."
We then headed out of the barn after looking around for any kids. All the kids by this time were away from the house. Using the bushes we made our way to the house. Outside the back door was Mary, she was sitting on a chair. We broke out of our hiding place and ran up to her. She smiled and stood up. She opened the door and motioned us into the house. We ran into the house. Once inside, Mary followed us in and closed the door behind her. She handed me a pair of shorts and Amanda, she handed a one piece swimsuit. We got dressed. Mary smiled and said "You two did great. When did you first see the kids?"
"Near the hill, just past the lake and the barn was when we first saw them.” I said.
She nodded. Then asked "Did you two have fun running and hiding from the kids?"
I nodded and I saw Amanda nod as well.
"How would you like to play this game again tomorrow?" she asked.
"You mean it?" Amanda asked.
"Yep, you two did so good that I think we will play again tomorrow." Mary said.
"Can we do it in the nude again?" i asked.
"Of course you can. That is the whole point of the game. It is for you to be naked while the older kids look for you. I know how much you to love to be naked. I hoped this would be fun for you." said Mary
Amanda and I smiled at each other and at her. Mary then said "Amanda you will meet Ed tonight when he gets home from work. He is my husband and your foster father. Tomorrow, after you get up you will put on your swimsuits. Then you will come and eat breakfast. After everyone has eaten breakfast, I will take the kids out to the front of the house. You two will then ***** naked and put your swimsuits away. Ed will then take you far from here to near the edge of our property. You will then wait till you hear my whistle. Once you hear the whistle you are to start heading for this house. Your goal is to reach the house without being caught by any of the other kids. They will be looking for you. They will be under strict order not to harm either one of you or to touch you inappropriately. If you can make it here like you did today, then you win. Do you two want to play?"
We both nodded and said "Yes!"
Mary went outside and blew her whistle. Within half an hour all the kids were there. They congratulated us on being able to hide from them. They also told us that if we play again that they would find us. We all had dinner and for our prize we got to wear our swimsuits the rest of the night and get an extra scoop of ice cream.
Mary announced "Tomorrow the game will be played again. This time Ed will take Amanda and Steven out to hide and then come back to the house. They will wait till they hear my whistle and then try to make it to the house without being caught. Whoever finds them will get the extra ice cream at dinner tomorrow. If you do find them you are not to harm them or touch them inappropriately. You will divide up in too teams. There will be two people per team. Each team will be given a radio. I will have one and Ed will have one. When you find them you are to call for a pickup. He will come and get them and you to bring them back to the house. During the game both Amanda and Steven will be wearing special outfits. I won’t tell you what those outfits are."
Amanda and I smiled at each other. Mary continued “You will all eat breakfast together. After breakfast I am going to take you all you out to the front of the house. Amanda and Steven will be in the house changing into their special outfits. Once they are ready, Ed will then take them out to their drop off point. If they win and if they want to, Steven and Amanda will be able to wear their special outfits in front of everyone for the rest of the day and on Sunday as well. We will also play on Sunday if everyone is willing to play.”
I did not believe what I just heard. I looked at Amanda and she looked at me. We both broke out into big smiles. If we win, we would get to be naked in front of everyone. Everyone was looking forward to playing the game. Amanda and I were really looking forward to play since we knew we were going to play in the nude. No one in the household except Mary, Ed, Amanda, and I, knew that our special outfits would be our birthday suits. It gave us an extra incentive to play, that and the fact that if we win, we would get to be naked in front the rest of the kids for the rest of the day. It was a bonus.
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