Writing to the Masses

I love to write letters and have found myself sending my guy friend many letters as he is in Iraq.  I think the written word is sometimes grossly overlooked these days and I love to take time out to write letters.  The military guys I send these to usually reply telling me how much they love the letters I send.  I am going to start sending letters to all of my friends. 

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of course of course,if it's worht a stamp,it's worth a splash of color,right?like my old fave punk band Crass used to say"be exactly who you want to be,do what you want to do,I'm he and she is she-but YOU'RE THE ONLY YOU!"<br />
that we can affirm that through the post is a minor miracle-or am I just gushing a bit too lyrical?

I do that as well or I will add photos etc.

and,being somewhat artsy,It's always fun to add a few personal frills-nice paper,collage,ink stamps,doodles-adding that personal touch that shows the recipient you've spent time to enhance their experience...this is what one often finds lacking in today's modern media maelstrom...but who has the time?Well,we can decide how to spend our time and with whom,plus postage is ridiculously cheap when you consider the benefits...

Thanks Toby.

Sounds like a terrific project.

Our friends of the library group recently sent a few boxes off to troups in afghanistan,the comic books were a big hit,and the candy apparently went to local kids to help foster int'l goodwill.This I like.I don't have to agree with the politics or realities of war to make a small human difference,this was a bit of a realization to me.I wanted to send a few Maxim mags(which I find to be tame and trite)but that idea got vetoed,and I'm not inclined to argue.still my brain gets carried away,though.

Great idea! I too love handwritten letters and have quite a few penfriends from many countries of the world. It's surely a unique experience: the handwritten words get more deeply into the reader's heart I think. And they come from deeper inside the writer's own!