Eagle Eye

They say it was a preposterous movie, not a single plausible scene. I have to agree to that, it somehow takes advantage of people lack of knowledge about electronic gadgets, yet I hear everyone felt a bit insulted by this movie! because it has real cars and buildings and trains and CNN and stuff, and purports to take place in the real world, yet it is really absurd.

But I really enjoyed it. It involves relentless action: chases involving planes, trains, automobiles, buses. Hundreds of dead. Enough crashes to stock a junkyard. Lots of stuff being blown up real good. Two heroes who lack any experience with violence but somehow manage to stick up an armored car at gunpoint, walk on board an unguarded military transport plane and penetrate to the ultra-secret 29th-floor basement of the Pentagon.

Really entertaining.

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5 Responses Feb 12, 2009

@ Dew Duster: It was a good action movie, I really enjoyed it

I like a good action movie too. They are a lot of fun to watch...DD

It was a good movie, thanks for you comment

like it but want to think about it more....

its good