For many years now i have always wanted to write about my life but i never know where to start. My memory has faded and i have blocked a lot out so i worry that i will come to a blank page. I just want to get my story out there, let people read about my life and how i have managed to stay on the straight and narrow. x
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I have been thinking of doing that . Everybody has a book inside of them not all of them digest able . But people would think I was fantasising and a bit crackers ... ?

I'm sure it's going to be a very interesting read, you are a good writer. 👍

I never wrote anything at all before EP and since only being here since January this year I have written over 100 lengthy stories and confessions .Many very open and revealing about myself . I felt if I was to afraid to tell my story and all about my life I was only creating my own lack of acceptance .
EP sucks and they were all deleted along with my original profile . I have some new stories here though . If I can become a writer anyone can .Don't write for any reason but to express yourself as best you can and write for yourself so that even if no one reads it it is done and out there .
It's something I'm glad I did and it has made me something more that I was before . I'm more OK with myself than ever and have no regrets with it at all.

I'm sorry they were deleted ..a friend if mine wrote her life story and it was published , hard copy and kindle .. It wasn't proof read and I told her I was jealouse of her .. But o boy I didn't know she was like that ... Everything in detail ... Hot or wot .. She did it in a pen name but she signed my copy .. I've been correcting her spellings and gramer :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I notice bad spellings ..

You would you dyslexic perfectionist !

Write it for yourself... If you think if it like a book you may get overwhelmed. Do a daily journal.