Hes A Stanger

LOVE? what is love?
its a short word but it contains everything..
how can you say if it is love or just a sudden feeling and you've just overreacted?

I'm 17.. female.. easy go lucky.. friendly .. funny..
I'm not so good looking.. I have a simple Asian beauty
before I don't believe in such word they called LOVE..
but when a stranger bumped into my life everything change.

mom said "don't talk to strangers..'
but I disobeyed her
I even fell for him ..
I never see him in person but we are communicating through texting and FACEBOOK

He is too far from me.. He said he saw me in our place but I did not saw him at that time.. I saw hes pictuures in facebook and I can say hes really handsome..
I know he love me too .. I can assure it but I'm worried .. even if we love each other now.. there are still many things that I DON'T KNOW ABOUT HIM
(I'm afraid.. STRANGER ---> DANGER)
meinlove meinlove
Sep 13, 2012