How I Think Up Short Stories

I love to write stories. Any kind; short, long, um, whatever other kind there is... How I think of new stories to write, is I first write down 'Once upon a time...' Yah, not so original, but it helps me. I usually just change the beginning afterwards. Then I think of the location of where this person will live. On a hill, in a castle, in a treehouse.... So I continue writing, 'Once upon a hill, there was a castle....'
Now for the character(s). I find that one character is easier to start with. I ask myself, will the character be a boy or a girl? Or a woman? Man? Old or young?
Lets say it's an elderly man. Is he lonly? Is he rich? Middle-class? What kind of personality does he have? Humorous?
Once you've thought of all that basic stuff, you can either just write and let the story flow from there, or you can think up the problem and/or storyline before hand. Have fun with it. It's your story. Comment and tell me if this method works for you or not, or even write down your own.
Juls4 Juls4
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012