My Angel

His shadow came to me in the night
He held out his hand and I held it so tight
He sat there quiet, resting his head on my shoulders
He read my thoughts, course felt my spirit
wishing he could heal me and make me living
his silent voice encouraging me to go on
that I was more than good enough
that somehow I just had to try and stay strong
all i ever see are the shadows
these shadows are my friends
they used to enter with the light off
but now they come to me with the light on
they come and they go
to check how I am
they just know nothing much seems to be right
but we'll always be connected by day and by night
relating in ways nobody would ever fully get to this day
please say I can hold the shadows hand a little bit longer
before he flies away, and comes back again some other day.

taco6 taco6
3 Responses Nov 21, 2011

This is an awesome piece of writing .. very moving !!

Thank you.

You are truly a gifted writer! Such emotion I felt reading this! More than a lump in my throat! Tears to my eyes.

Thank you very much. aww bless you *hugs*