A Mothers Love Of Black And Blue.

As grandma holds her hands.ConSOULs the scares and bruses that a mother left behind.A mother who was raised by a mother with 15 others. She knows not what she do.She had it Hard!A mother of five at the age of 23.Has 5 beautiful girls to protect and servive. The only way she way she knows how to show she loves.She'll beat you black and blue.All in the name of love.With No one to look up to she lives to servive another day with her 5!No babys fathers or fathers of her own.She'll beat you black and blue.The only way she knows how to love.She feared for her Girls. She lived a hard life one she didnt choose.I cant blame my mother. The only way she could express her love and fear was with a stick to your meat.She'll beat you black and blue.She showed me she cared even when i was black and blue.She had no one to run to.No one to go to. No one to say I Love You.No one to say your Beautiful and I Care. Who would I be if I didnt forgive my mother who beat me black and blue to show she cared. For she know not what she do.
A Forgiving CHILD!
FabulistKiller FabulistKiller
22-25, F
Sep 5, 2012