Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

After all of that I still want to be with you
I still have fantasies about OUR future
It hurt yes I hurt
I'm referring to this pain cut so deep inside my chest
Stitches can't pull this wound together
Step back here are the paddles CLEAR (shock 1) CLEAR (shock 2)
She's gone time of death 9/3/2012 @ 7pm
It feels like you helped me commit suicide (deep breath)
This time you used your tongue as a weapon rather than your fist ty
You provoked me but I was able to keep my cool
I know you weren't thinking straight you were hurting too and your actions simply demonstrated your thoughts which it's your right to point out my faults
I know your lips speak faster then your mind
I know this about you & I told myself "ok, that's fine"
I can hear you say "I didn't mean it" "I was angry"
And me responding "it's ok" "I understand"
We make up and do this all over again
Then I snap out of it and reality hits
What? this is not our time?
Crying and screaming feeling terrified
I'm so afraid to accept it and feel this pain
I keep telling myself no this can't be
One day I will pinch myself and wake up from this dream
The feelings I feel just can't be explained
I guess it doesn't really matter now we've decided to walk away
Believe me or not but there won't be one after you
It will be selfish of me to put someone else through the things i've put you through
Thinking of the kids i'll keep each one in my heart
I'm sure them seeing us separate is tearing them apart
They are young and will heal faster then us
I just hope they remember the good times and not when we fuss
I guess this was a trial run you'll be an excellent wife
You've made mistakes you've learned from
Which you won't carry on to the next life (relationship)
Please don't give up on your goals and dreams
Smile it's a new day!
You're beautiful in each and every way
This is all I had on my chest to get off
Take the advice of your friends and keep your head up
Stay strong and reach out to them
You heart will heal it won't take long
Put me in your past but don't ever forget
I was your 1st true love a love I hope you experience again
bqueenbee143 bqueenbee143
26-30, F
Sep 10, 2012