Truth Be Told

Walking down the boulevard,
making reality fiction,
watching living pictures
of tragic lyrics, enabled
by ruthless cowards...

I wait at the bus line,
wondering in these
sad times, why does
this cancer of despair,
thrive in our air...

Thousands upon thousands,
waning their existence,
looking for a piece
of the fabulous life,
yes, fame at what price...

Hearts without feelings,
our economy is reeling from
drugs, alcohol and murder,
corruption's game name your prize,
brute force empty sea of lies...

Spurious, I'll look for a
'Glimmer of Hope', as I'm
choked by the tears, that
stream in the
'Era of Bling',
let the 'Truth Be Told',
as 'Humanity' sells its soul...

© Copyright 2012 THE GIFT
Sep 22, 2012