The hurt you walk across my heart
is a little less today
the shadow you leave on my soul
is starting to fade away

The tears still fall
although the sobs are quieter now
and the knife will always twist
in the weak spot you have found

The memories will remain
but I will not hold them dear
they are riddled with such lies
fake, the truth was never clear

Was I always such an option
in a life we never shared?
was I always so unimportant?
Did you ever really care?

I'm tired of walking a line
that shifts from day to day
never quite the same

But I crossed it Today

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4 Responses Nov 28, 2012

very nice

Wonderful poetry sounds like it comes from your soul

dam baby whats up.what happend to make u write that,if u don't mind me asking or wanna talk about it

Nice poetry! Add me pls..