As The Lilies

How can I give like the sun
Without expecting anything back?

How can I receive what the world has to offer
As the lilies do, and still be content?

Can I have faith that I could be fed
and cared for like the birds of the air?

Can my speech become beautiful,
My words useful and singsong like theirs?

What could I accomplish
If I only practice faith?

What would I discover
If I would just learn to wait?

What would be my blessings
if, with courage, I run, sing and write?

Would all, plus more, be provided for
If I would just give up the fight?

Can I lay down the fight for my pride
And the struggle of uncertainty?

Can I lay down in peaceful pastures
And watch what happens around me?

I ask only God- my answer to everything
And quietly experience Him as He restores me.
mtiff mtiff
26-30, F
3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Excellent. Healing comes from this attitude.

Beautiful; not surprising you are nondenominational. Scriptural, but not conventional thinking. You are indeed special if you live life this way.

Thankyou! I appreciate your comment :)

Well written,depth and meaning,thank you.

Thankyou for the comment.