Should you ever find yourself at the edge of a cliff

Absent sight, and sanity

Bathing in the sun light of a lover's smile:

Contemplating your next step

remember these few things...

Don't listen to single people.

They are all bitter, and filled with lies. (Jk)

They have all forgotten that ultraviolet rays burn retinas when one gazes into the sun for too long..

Know that you will gaze for too long.

They will tell you that you are too young.

That the world has not wooed you enough..

You haven't been dropped enough times,

To know what falling feels like.

That your heart has not beaten fast enough

To make your mind skip thoughts..

Know that your mind has skipped thoughts

This is why you question the flutter in your chest.

Wonder when the knot in your throat

Loosened itself to lasso the butterflies in your belly..

Why you have forgotten that some embraces are fueled with criminal intentions,

Know that you will become criminal.

Because love is jealous, and steals whatever time, touch, kiss, press of lips to flesh, taste, echos of breaths..

It will break every law of attraction your expectations have governed your standards with..

It will kidnap your sanity and write reasoning for ransoms.

Nothing will make sense but it will all  be logical.

Friends will tell you to be logical!

Think rationally!

But this is not a complete Science.

Not  a practice.

There is nothing rehearsed or routine about it.

Though certain symptoms are similar.

We all look foolishly anxious and clumsy when falling.

The heightened sense of awareness is

The realization that humans were never built for flight.

So you attempt to brace yourself..

And pray to never hit the ground.

But you will  hit the ground!

Your lungs sprinting through the finishline of your flesh and

your speech drowning in the pool of your tongue.

There is no organ to handle this air.

No language to explain this place.

It is a planet in and of itself..

Like the sun,

Like The Bermuda Triangle,

Like your grandmother's kitchen.

You may never know the details.

Don't wonder what makes it what it is..

Just know that it is.

Echos and Whispers.

And fear and joy,

And laughter and tears,

And courage, and contradiction,

And War and Moon,

Candlelights and foolishness,

And stars and compromise,

And novelty and peace,

And the awkward exchange of hearts...

Bending moments into memories and

Let them hold you like a stop sign.

Tuck them into the back pack of your mind

They will become parachutes for future falls..

Like away,


And hopefully back in.

Pray you will fall again and

That the next cliff is the one

That keeps you.


MadamElle MadamElle
26-30, F
4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

This was really good I love how u play with the words

I see that you're trying to be deep, but this is pretty retarded.

Your existence is irrelevant. =]


You bore me..*Walks away*

you stole the words straight from my mind, well done, as usual . :)

I liked this :)