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Heart And Soul

All my heart and soul
Is yours
God of heart

I am yours


I see you
Sealotus Sealotus 31-35, F 5 Responses Dec 18, 2012

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This is very nice. Thanks for the share :)

It's okay, but kinda funny. Perhaps it feels to religious to me. O_o

It is

I am not really the religious kind, so pardon me for not liking it as much as it probably deserve.

Ehhh not religious kind hun?? What is the picture here that you drawed??
Sorry now must leave in a hurry

The picture has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with my own view on the spirits, and the things that tries to control me. I was to draw a white angel as well trying the same as the black demon, but it's not religious intended and there was no room on the paper. The picture was to represent that some things try to control a person, but they can't really own it.

Its hades and persephone my beauty, no?

... O_o
Maybe... ^_^

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nice and sweet

To see
To see you
To see you and you
Thanks as ever…..

oh I love you soo beautiful paradise bird from far away! I am emerging from a black hole and i will find my voice back

Your frenchiness is cute. When I first read "hearth" I kept wondering what is a hearth? I knew what you meant, I actually think its fitting since a hearth is a place that brings warmth.

its... F about time someone tell me my mystakes!!!! hahaha
how do you write it??

Heart and soul. But don't change, its cute. ;)

i will shurely change it I want to learn to speak corectly you silly please correct me when the mistakes are too obvious and repeat

"i will shurely change it I want to learn to speak corectly you silly please correct me when the mistakes are too obvious and repeat"

Suit yourself, Ill start now then. (sigh)

I will surely change it, I want to learn to speak correctly. Your silly, please correct me when the mistakes are too obvious and repetitive.

OMG OMG ok... I stand behind a rock in shame... you can slap me with harry potter book

I am just toying with you, meow. You make a fine ball of string.

did u know there is only two person that I know with whom i automatically share all kinds of inside jokes on movies and silly stuff?

seriously mephisto?? ah ha!! that's what I thaught... i read ancient english lol i am not that bad for a frenchie

wow... sorry... I am soo tired i am making ALOT ALOT of lapsus it seams tonight... sorry... maybe there is a hidden sense who knows but I think i am just tired ;-)

silly stuff... inside jokes that appear automaticaly that are easily understood... even if we don't speak the same language commonly... we talk about the same stuff..same movie lol laugh about the same things.. lol... with kitty he understands all my silly inside jokes.. lol

Yea theSphinxess opened up a can of worms asking us to correct her english. rofl

Be careful what you wish for... >.>

what am i saying??....(rolls her thongue in her mouth 10 times) and slaps her fingers

oh!!! but can't we use faults on purpose here? its too long to say you're silly
blah ;-P

beware to talk with me today is like to open pandora box....
you never know what silly things might get out ;-P

Have you been dipping into that green stuff from Delphi again? =)~

I can't hide nothing from you lol want some?

Your such a precious little nature goddess. How could I refuse?

oh... am i a sphinx or a sphynx?

actually i am a lynx

I just love being the one who asks questions its fun
so.. what will the next question be?

Yea life is short and i never sweat the small stuff. I admit there is only room in my vocabulary for one "there" and one "your" haha. Unless im being graded on it of course.

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