Only for a love that's true

I would love to some how set you free
Of all your inner misery
And burn it in a pile and sweep it away
And let you feel a brand new day
If only I could cure your mind 
Or let you go back in time
If I could give you a fresh start
Or mend your fragile broken heart
This is surly what I would do
Because I still have so much love for you
I want to hear all you have to say
So that our nights to turn into days
I want to stay up all night with you 
And talk about our love so true
I want to dance with you in the rain
I need my love to sooth your pain
I have to calm the storm in you
I want to take away your blues
I want to love you in the best of ways 
I need to give you better days
I want to help you in all that you do
So it doesn't have to be hard for you
I can fill your empty spots
I crave to make your body hot
I want to put my hands on you 
But only if you want me to
I want to feel you wanting me
I will set your passions free
I want to feel your lips on mine
So I can make you feel so fine
I want to hear your dreams and fears
I want to wipe away your tears
I want to lay my chest on yours
That will make my feelings pour
Three times you planted your seed
And I grew your child inside of me
I want to be with you forever
Even if perfection comes never ...

But baby,  I really need you to need me
Like the earth needs the sea
I need you to care
and to try to be there
I need you to see that im delicate, it's true
And I'm really not as strong as you
And I need you to love me like theres no one above me
I need you to notice my talents and dreams
And to see all of the good in me
I need you to touch me in non private ways 
And hold me every single day
I need to play and laugh and tease
It makes my heart and soul feel at ease
But most importantly of all I need you to catch me if and when I fall
I promise to give my world to you 
But only for a love thats true...
Trust me baby and respect me too
And I will give it all to you
My heart, my soul, my body and mind 
From now untill the end of time... 
Do you think you can do this for me?
If not than baby set me free...
But if you can lets give it our all
And lets tare down all these walls
Will you grow old with me my sweetest friend?
From now until the very end?
RavensHeart RavensHeart
36-40, F
Jan 7, 2013