Writer In Me :)

The time for publishing the book was nearing.It was a collection of short naughty stories but 99 was the required number and the writer got stuck with no more ideas at 88. What to do..was the question who can give me inspiration. He walked out to the balcony and from distance he saw an owl, staring at his direction. Felt a bit uneasy, suddenly the owl landed next to him startling him..amazed at this fethery intrusion, Grant took few steps towards his bedroom.
His experience with Pam was still fresh from the time he smelled her panties and felt its softness,but the owl was advancing towards him.
The owl then changed into a half woman and half owl body, feather was her coat and she said, " I am a soul of a writer who could make earth into gold"
Grant, thought he must be still in a lala land, owl is now a woman and speaking perfect english!
Hush ! your thoughts are heard in my mind and what you hear is not spoken by me..but its like google..I speak my language and gets translated as it reaches you.
So..do you want to get inspiration from me ?
Grant, was getting prespiration in his body, he was now getting scared.Is god punishing me or what? But, the owl was not disappearing, she said you want to touch me to believe that I am real, and she took his hands to her face, and slowly she was turning into a woman..feathers were disappearing and she was now totally naked. She whispered to Grant, I am the soul of desires, that live in your fantasy world, when you write its me who gives you all those ideas..but tonight I wanted to come before you..so that you know me..as a soul ..as inspiration..as you.
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