Just A Smile

Your smile wraps around me
It hugs me tight in its embrace.
Your presence that surrounds me
Brings a smile to my face,
And I am lifted up.

I remember your hand in mine.
You stood so close,
Your touch intense- so slow,
The ecstasy enjoyed between us
Held onto for a moment as savored wine.

I remember us eye to eye
And knowing the passion in your expression
And seeing the spark within us aflame
Dancing between us to bring us closer
But we had to move fast away.
We had to hold back from each other
Only leaving behind us a sigh.

I can recall the tones of voice:
Compassion sweetly spoken,
Like a gentle fragrance in the air
Which still lingers as a silent
Reminder of good times,
Good people and your glance.
I wish we'd had our chance.
I hope to remember your words
As if a token were placed in my hands.

I have entered into that sigh,
The one that was left behind.
Like an emptiness- an agitated air
Is left of all that was felt here.

The anxiety that I'm feeling
Keeps me paralyzed- ever still.
Now I'm all wrapped up in fear
For there is nothing that can hold me
The way that you did captivate me.

And to you, Dear Reader, don't worry
I will sing a praise for Love to the air
And I pray you always remember:
Be there for the one you care for,
And that a smile can lift you up.

mtiff mtiff
26-30, F
Jan 23, 2013