How About Chinese?

I have tried to write a poem using the formula for a love poem. Which is supposed to be  three verses of four lines each, four sylables per line and rhymes.I got the lines and verses part right.....The rest comes with familiarity and time(practice)


                湘 ( Xiang )

As Mandarin ducks        如鸳鸯

We  forever be           我们永远会

Though youth is past     虽然青年是过去 


we will winter together  冬天,我们将一起 



in the soft warmth              在软温暖

born of new  love                新出生的爱

is heaven on earth             地球上的天堂

without any end                  没有任何结束




 beneath my wing              下面我的翅膀

 my heart will sing              我的心会唱歌

as Mandarin ducks will !   如鸳鸯会!

forever is love                      永远是爱



This poem was written for     刘鄂湘  EXiang Liu

Mandarin ducks mate for life  they are the symbol of unconditional love in China

 If you don't have asian language support enabled the Chinese will look like total nonsense

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Mar 10, 2010