Hells Puppet Show

Hells puppet show
As I walked through the paths of hell
I saw normal people absorbed in themselves
Not noticing the fire in the sky
The evil surrounding, clouding their eyes
Calmly stroking their hair as flames scorch their skin
Not feeling the fire as the fire burns within
When I talk I smile but my feelings are fake
Their ugliness is vile, face melting out of shape
My blindfold has been lifted to see the masquerade
As everyone takes place in life's strange parade

The world is in pretence
A puppet show in commence
With forked tails and horns
They plant their wicked corn
But they don't know themselves
That they're building hell

I wander through the streets thinking "when did this begin?"
I look at all the freaks Queuing up in sin
I feel the vile essence, cleverly disguised
So we carry on living to our own demise
People act so happy, how can they be naive
Horror pollutes the air, I find it hard to breathe
The world is in a shadow, no one sees the shade
The world is so ignorant shutting out the pain
The darkness is infectious, it spreads like a disease
The curtain has been lifted, my nerves begin to freeze...
freedomchaser24 freedomchaser24
22-25, F
Jul 22, 2010