A Fictional Charectors' View

  There are some quotes from a fictional charector, not of my creation , that I've come to find applicable in my world.

" It's ok to write poetry, as long as you wash your hands."

"People who write poetry, probably have other nasty habits."

Poetry, for me, is vewry therapeutic, and it's right down my alley, since I don't have to use correct punctuation>  and the spelling might just be affectation.  It's also one of those nice places where I can get out of my head.  The world is filled with awesome poets and I want to hear them. You are my muse, I am your muse, we could all use a muse. I refuse to peruse the usuall views...."sorry about that , it was spontaneous!!

It's like I told a friend who doesn't know me, " Slap it, Yell at it , scream at it , bring it out, let the world see how freakin ugly or beautiful it is.

Slam! slam

!Let everyone know how outspoken you are about the things you've gotten tired of caring about,.

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"You are my muse, I am your muse, we could all use a muse. I refuse to peruse the usual views...." That's so much fun.
And I love that last sentence. :D

Bravo Jack, it was very good I thought!!! And puck write away, it helps!

Since I have never seen my muse, I guess I am not amused! A need amuse. :)<br />
<br />
did I say that.......<br />
<br />

Good beginning, the last 7-8 lines could be re arranged so there is a slight beat like you have in the other lines and it would not hurt to have two places that rhyme.<br />
<br />
The thought is very good. <br />
<br />

The Secret Spider <br />
<br />
What discomfort do I often feel<br />
but cannot name<br />
that sometimes makes me sick<br />
and hate myself?<br />
<br />
Something wriggles in my core<br />
In my soul<br />
<br />
Some loathsome, cold and damp<br />
intruder<br />
scratches with its damning finger<br />
my name upon the wall <br />
inside me<br />
<br />
This creature of unknown girth<br />
shrinks and swells<br />
‘til I am bloated and my skin feels tight<br />
<br />
And I, in my need to analyze<br />
my every thought,<br />
simply cannot grasp<br />
how it got in me in the first place<br />
<br />
I only know it’s there

Lay some tracks, Jack!

So what? You want to read some poetry? I have stacks of it.


Well said!

I never thought about poetry being that voilent and negative. You are a writer. Writers are people who like to play with words. Poetry is just a different game.