Bold And Sexy: The Agata 20 Pantyhose By Cecilia De Rafael

Sometimes I wonder to myself, why I enjoy wearing pantyhose so much? There are several reasons of course, but one key factor is that pantyhose are often very sexy. In many unscientific surveys, men are asked, “do you prefer seeing women wearing hosiery or going bare legged?” The vast majority of men say they prefer seeing a woman in some form of hosiery. I agree with that sentiment completely. And when I wear a dress or a skirt, almost without exception, I prefer to wear the ensemble with hosiery. Now, I don’t want to start a pantyhose vs. bare leg debate. I’ve seen that debate on EP and in various blogs many times. The one thing I’ve learned, those that engage in this debate are diametrically on one of two sides: you either love pantyhose or you hate them. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground.

If you love wearing pantyhose and/or love seeing others wearing pantyhose, then the Agata 20 by CDR is definitely a product to consider. Even as our summer wanes and autumn approaches, we still have a lot of days of warm weather. Your legs probably still have a nice tan (unless you don’t exactly tan well, like me). Pantyhose may be the last thing on your mind. But this is the time of year where fashion turns away from that light summer look, and toward the bolder looks of fall. Perhaps you are planning an evening out, or simply want to stand out a bit. I can tell you, the Agata 20 is truly eye catching legwear!

General Info:
The Agata 20 is moderately priced at $10.99 (USD) for a pair at The Stylish Fox. They are packaged under the subsidiary name of Samburu. They are 20 denier, come in 5 sizes and many different colors, are fully boarded, sheer to waist, feature flat seams, and reinforced toes. The material make up is: 87% polyamide (generic name for nylon), 13% elastane (generic name for spandex).

Selection Criteria:
One of the reasons I chose the Agata 20 is the composition of the 20 denier fabric. As you have seen from my previous reviews, I tend to prefer sheer pantyhose between 10 and 20 denier. In my mind, this weight is very elegant, but also very delicate. A little spandex always helps with durability, because a simple stumble in a pair of stilettos can lead to a run in your hosiery. The spandex content in the Agata 20 is just enough to help these pantyhose last through many wearings.

I admit, I have grown tired of hearing complaints about how hot, uncomfortable, fragile or ugly pantyhose can be. I am convinced this is mainly the result of “group think” as many people (or as a friend of mine says, “sheeple”) tend to echo what others may tell them. I believe that most of the anti-pantyhose crowd simply are unaware of the amazing variety of hosiery products available to them, or have drawn broad conclusions about all pantyhose based their experience with inferior products. If you’ve purchased inexpensive, “one size fits all” pantyhose, then you probably will be uncomfortable and your legs probably won’t look nice. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

General Perspective:
Right out of the package, the Agata 20 felt very nice to the hand. Not quite as nice as the Lucido 20 by Silvia Grandi (very few products feel as good as the Lucido 20) or the Katia by Trasparenze, but still very nice, particularly for the price. I love how they feel on my legs. They provide that tingly hug we enjoy when such a lovely, sheer fabric caresses our gams. I truly enjoy the touch of a hand gliding across my legs when wearing these pantyhose. Likewise, my own hands appreciate how these feel when I have them on my legs. In other words, these pantyhose are nice for the “touch-er” and the “touch-ee.” That means this is a wonderful product for those couples that enjoy pantyhose.

In my opinion, however, the most distinguishing characteristic of these pantyhose is their shine! These pantyhose have a wonderful shimmer that truly grabs your attention. If you love shiny pantyhose, the Agata 20 are definitely for you! If you look at picture of the model’s legs on the package, you will note the definitive shine. As is often the case, photos don’t do these pantyhose justice. You must actually see these on a pair of legs to fully appreciate their beauty. My friend recommended the Agata 20 to me as they are one of her personal favorites. Now I know why. They are bold, shiny, and they are sexy, sexy, SEXY! I wrote my friend back, thanking her for the recommendation, and referred to the Agata 20 as “naughty” pantyhose. Wait a minute….naughty? LOL…ummm, yes. I always try to keep my hosiery reviews professional, but these pantyhose can bring about naughty thinking….whether you are wearing them, or you are with someone who is wearing them. I won’t go into details, but you can use your imagination…you probably won’t be too far off.

When wearing these pantyhose, forget about skirts or dresses below the knees. You are going to want to show as much leg as possible. These pantyhose transform your legs into glamour gams. I found myself constantly extending my legs up and down, flexing my foot back and forth, because the look and shine would change in the light as I repositioned my legs. It was almost hypnotizing. I could only imagine what these pantyhose would do if someone is wearing them on a date. They can lead to awkward conversations where eye contact is lost, and attention wanes south to those gorgeous sexy legs in those bold pantyhose. And this happens BEFORE the date puts their hand on those legs! I’m guessing that this is why my friend loves these pantyhose so much.

Putting Them On:
As with all hosiery products, particularly those that are quite sheer, I recommend using either hosiery gloves or at least applying hand lotion before putting them on. Our skin always seems to have what I call “microsnags.” Little burrs of dry skin that can snag and run a pair of pantyhose before you ever get a chance to put them on.

I did not find the Agata 20 to be overly susceptible to snagging. They were not as temperamental in that regard as the Lucido 20. But they did require a bit more attention than the Sevilla 521. There is a fair amount of stretch, but nothing to make you think these were anything but 20 denier. The Sevilla 521, by comparison, stretch like crazy.

I found these pantyhose to be extremely comfortable. You won’t forget you are wearing them, but it’s not a bad thing at all. Quite to the contrary. When wearing these pantyhose under jeans, the denim would brush against the nylon fabric, pleasantly reminding me I have on a lovely pair of nylons. Of course, wearing these pantyhose under pants would be an injustice. These pantyhose should be seen! And why not wear them under a very short skirt or dress, because the more of your legs you can see in these pantyhose, the better!!

Even under jeans, my legs remained comfortable, even in the heat of summer…a reminder that pantyhose can do a nice job of transferring heat away from your body by wicking away moisture, keeping your legs cool. These pantyhose, once again, help debunk the myth that all pantyhose are hot. My legs felt cool and comfortable all day long.

Also worth mentioning is that I did not have any troubles with sagging, nor did I feel the need to pull them back up my legs over the course of the day. The waist band looks to be the same as the Lucido 20 by Silvia Grandi. It is wide and comfortable, and I didn’t have issues with the waist band rolling down on my hips. I did try sleeping in them. I would probably not recommend that as the reinforced toe tends to cramp the tootsies in bed. Still, they felt great even after wearing them for nearly 24 hours.

They also passed my spouse test. My wife liked how they felt and was amazed at how my legs would shimmer in them. They definitely caught her attention!!

I would happily wear these pantyhose anytime. They are sensibly priced, are nicely durable, feel great and look amazingly sexy! They are not for the timid. The Agata 20 is for those who want their legs to be seen. They will make you look and feel so sexy.


Final Note: you can get the Agata 20 pantyhose by Cecilia de Rafael from The Stylish Fox online hosiery store The store is offering a 15% discount if you order online and use the discount code A2FOX15.
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Well written as always hon!

Thanks sweetie!

What about stockings?? ;-)

I love stockings as well, but have only reviewed pantyhose. Are you interested in stocking reviews?

Can't answer for pixelita, but we would be. She much prefers stockings to pantyhose for comfort, and I prefer them on her for sexiness!

I have to admit, I find that a nice pair of stockings with the sexy garter straps usually trumps pantyhose for sexiness...IMHO

Excellent review! Fabulous!

Thanks Stacy, I will check them out. Very nice review btw. I enjoy pantyhose very much, but I'm more of a leggs sheer energy gurl. The more spandex the better. However, I am considering going out in public in pantyhose with my unsuspecting other half while wearing shorts. Any possibility that these pantyhose could go unnoticed? Maybe at night in a dimly lit restaurant? Thanks again.

The Agata 20 are too shiny to go unnoticed. I really like the Katia and Oleandro by Trasparenze. The Katia are my fav. They are 15 denier with a matte finish, and come in a color called "cosmetic" which looks very natural with my skin tone. Those could easily go unnoticed in a dimly lit restaurant. I even wrote a review about them in this group.

Excellent review! Fabulous!

Excellent review! Fabulous!

Thank you!

Thanks I think I am going to check this out.

Great! Hope you like them!