Ibici And Omero

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Well, this is a bit of a broad topic post. If you have looked at my stories, after sharing on EP, I began a side business importing hosiery from European manufacturers that offer high quality for the dollar products that you can't get easily in the US. Well, after months of work, I managed to get 2 new lines that many of you have probably not heard of - Omero and Ibici. They are Italian brands under the Omero family that are virtually impossible to get online and I have never seen them in the US. I fell in love with them a decade ago as they are the softest and most incredible hosiery lines I have ever seen. I would take them over Wolfords any day.

So, with that, I would love to get your reviews on them. They are available at www.amazon.com/shops/europeanlegs

Hope no one is offended by this post. I have a passion for hosiery and EP was a part of what got me going. I want get and make available the best hosiery I can to all of you.

Would love to see a review from any of my fellow hosiery lovers
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

I just received my first pairs of Ibici Pantyhose and Omero Stockings and fell in love with them at first wearing. I used to wear Hanes Silk Reflections pantyhose and stockings exclusively until Hanes stopped making Silk Reflections garter stockings. I tried Trasparenze and loved those stockings and pantyhose and knew I would never buy Hanes products again.

After contacting European Legs about future offerings they told me that they had some new items in the works so I kept watching the European Legs Storefront on Amazon. Omero and Ibici showed up and I had to try them. I purchased the Ibici Summertime 8 denier pantyhose plu the Omero Atena and Creusa 15 denier garter stockings.

I loved the Omero garter stockings, they both felt very silky and sheer against my legs and I was so pleased with them I know I will be ordering more. Then I put on the Ibici pantyhose getting ready to go out for the night. As I started to put them on they just seemed to glide up my legs so silky sheer like nothing I had ever felt before. Once I had them on they were so light it was almost like nothing at all but they gave my legs a wonderful shimmer that looked fantastic. Then I slid my skirt on and the feel of it against my silky encased legs was wonderful. Every time I moved the feel of my skirt sliding against my silk encased legs was like nothing I have ever felt before. I loved these pantyhose so much I did not want to take them off, wow what luxury on my legs.

I will now be buying more pairs of Ibici pantyhose and want to thank European Legs for bringing them to Amazon so I could enjoy them also.