Ibici Summertime 8 - Silky Ultra Sheer To Waist Pantyhose

I recently started wearing hosiery made in Europe and have been trying different brands after being frustrated with the US brands.

After trying several European brands that I thought were superior to US Department store brands I tried Ibici Summertime 8 Silky Ultra Sheer to Waist Pantyhose and fell in love.

As I pulled them up my legs they seemed to glide the silky material felt so good as it slid up my legs. The farther up my legs I got with these pantyhose I began to feel I had something special. When I got them all the way on I had to touch my legs running my fingers up and down the sheer material covering my legs. The sensation was so wonderful I couldn't stop. They were so sheer you could hardly tell I had anything on at all the sheen my legs had was the only sign of something covering my legs.

After I got used to having my legs covered in such luxury I stepped into my skirt pulling it up over my legs. I was wearing a pencil skirt that fit tightly against my hips and legs. Every time I moved the skirt slid over my legs covered in the finest hosiery I had ever worn. The feelings I had that night were so sensual and kept me so aroused all night, and I get to relive that night every time I put those pantyhose on.

I will be filling my hosiery drawer with more pantyhose by Ibici!!!
Kelli1409 Kelli1409
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4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I love that feeling of wearing silky panties under my silky pantyhose I love rubbing my hands on my thighs and rub my feet together with no shoes this feeling is so silky and feels incredibly so,good I am hooked and love how I feel in my skin

Knowing that you love Trasparenze pantyhose, and are recommending Ibici is a perfect endorsement. I agree, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a tight pencil skirt brushing against your hips and legs when wearing fine hosiery!

Baby how good did it feel you can tell me over and over how much you love sliding on new pantyhose you from the usa

Mmm, sounds wonderful! Pantyhose or stockings complete the classy, sexy outfit on a lady! Do they make stockings too?

Ibici makes a thigh high but the company that makes Ibici has another line called Omero that makes the sexiest garter stockings and I love them also.

Thanks! Will check Omero out!

I am sure you will love them, I know I do. I would suggest the 15 denier garter stocking, they are fantastic.