Cross Roads Inn.....

This story isn't even completed but I think it comes to an okish end not seen this one that I wrote in about 3 + months lol Hope you enjoy it though! : :)

The Cross Roads Inn.
Chapter: One.

A sweet silence, waiting to be disturbed, a few old and gloomy hanging oil lanterns hang on the outside of the shadowy brick walls flicker, creating dancing shadow puppets against the smooth brick wall. The atmosphere is calming, as the wind blows steadily, wooden welcoming signs sound like mice as they sway backwards and forwards. Ramshackle, wooden, dark and brown fences surround the Inn. Moon light beams and reflect off dusty, square glass windows that have one or two cobwebs in the corner of them. Orange lighting shines inside of the Inn and glows the window with a pulse from the flickering candels inside of the Inn. The moon light shines off the desert like pavement that leads to a lopsided, splintered door that has endured the test of time. This is where most myths begin. One in particular, at the Cross Roads Inn, a dark secret or two is bound to be revealed.

The Cross Roads Inn is over one-hundred years old. You can feel darkness and cold from the cracks and black holes in the dark brown and very uneven wooden floor boards, however, the warmpth and welcoming from travlers and guests made The Cross Roads Inn a home away from home. With every few steps the floorboards would squeak like a crow would sqwak, however, you could barely hear the squeaks with foot steps, laughter and conversations at the reception and bar. The bar is located to the room on the first left hand turn as you enter the Inn, the reception for booking rooms is the first room you walk into as you enter the Inn. The first thing you can't help but to notice as you enter the Inn is a large painting of a large ship fighting waves and gusts of wind, there is an explotion of green and blue used in the picture. Next to the painting are wooden stairs with a spooky, old and crooked banister on the left hand side of the stairs, leading to the second floor. The reception's desk is made from wood and gold coloured metal framing on the edges, the keys for all the rooms are located behind the receptionist, Hicks.

Hicks, the receptionist is a tall, well built and rather handsome looking, Hicks is known for his: darting, deep-set and green eyes, high, tight blonde and straight hair, although, it doesn't really smell like anything, Hick's hair is soft and and silky like a feather, it suited his tan skin. People who know Hicks know him as easy going and fairly firm, people who have been around for a while always listen to him when he spoke he is an example that is not to be taken for granted. His voice is deep, nobody crosses Hicks, as he is well respected around The Cross Roads Inn, Hicks and Leover, the owner of The Cross Roads Inn, were as tight as two peas in a pod and get easily attached to Orniments and paintings, this explains a few paintings and oriniments you can find around The Cross Roads Inn, this made strangers feel more welcomed, The Cross Roads Inn is truly a place for people to visit.

On top of Hick's desk are ordainments, on the right side were some ordainments made of silver, knights riding caveltry and long bow men, Hicks and Leover found these whilst digging around the grave yard one night, the grave yard is located fairly close to the Inn. And on the right side was wooden monkeys, the monkeys had longtails and was careved by Hicks and Leover, made for an unknowen reason. There are three wooden monekys each one with a different face, one that looked happy, one that looked angry and the third monkey didn't have an experetion at all. it just looked like it was looking over the other two like a guariden, they were fairly small models however they caught visitors eyes as they enter the entertainment room.

On the floor as you enter the bar room there were two wooden gargoyles on both sides of the door way. No one knew how they got there, along with some other ornimants. Often you would find the respected, Hicks, the lawful, Leover, the brave, the handsome and hournerd, Sir Ellis and the slick, Hacter, the regulars, of The Cross Roads Inn at the bar. However, that wasn't the case ten years ago, un-wanted guests made their own entrance at the famous, Cross Roads Inn. A unwelcome and fermilier feeling hit Hicks, something in the air didn't feel quite right.

Hicks, the reseptionest felt a chill crawl up and down his spine, Hicks felt a tingle all up and down his body and brased his shoulders back. Hicks puts down one of the monkeys he was holding and gets up and slowly, Hicks keeps a good posture whilst walking towards one of the dusty windows. He sticks his head out of the window and feels a steady breeze, the welcoming sign swaying with the wind caused a shadow to hover over Hick's head, he figured that no body would be able to see a thing if it weren't for the Oil lanterns on. As Hicks brings his head back in, he shuts the window quietly, being careful not to slam it to create a greater breeze. The sound of the squeaking welcome sign faded and could not be heard anymore. As Hicks puts his dusty hand on his forehead, he tried to concintrate, using the windowcil as an arm rest he starts to hear two people talk, Hicks shuts his eyes and starts to eavedrop on a conversation that he could hear from some travlers who were sat next to the burning fire place.
“I heard it was the loot the bandits were after not for information from us.” Commented one of the Travlers, the travler had a green shirt, brown jacket and a brown bag pack on, he was fairly short and skinny. He smelt like rum, him and his hair looked rough, espiecahly his face.
“Nounsounce, Mike, I heard they were coming for information to find more tressure. If you were a bandit, wouldn't you try to rape, kill and loot a town of everything they're worth?” Gulped the second travler, a little taller then his friend. He places his hand over the fire to help warm them up, Hicks opens his eyes widely and listens in a little closer. “I mean, if you could both loot and information to where more tressure might be wouldn't you do that?” In a panic he started to pack away his valubel items into his large brown bag, some rope fell out and landed under the small home crafted wood table. Mike raised his eye brow.
“You know, Pete, you might just be right, I best go gather my family and get all my goods together!” Panicly and worridly said Mike. Both mike and Pete gathered up their belongings.
“Hey, what about this?” Pete picked up one of Hicks ourniments, it was a shield with a lions head in the middle and some swords crossing the head.“This has to be worth a pretty penny, don't you think?” Encourgly said Pete. Mike quickly looked at Pete and locked his grey eyes onto Pete's blue eyes that had a little bit of green on the outline, it made Mike think about the sky.
“You can't be serious about stealing that can you?” Mike looked even worried, Pete leanded towards Mike.
“Think about it as doing Old hicks a favor, he doesn't have to know, besides, it's like we're saving it for him.” Mike whispred. After a few second to think about it both, Pete and Mike grew a smile.
“What else do you think we could....Keep safe?”
Hicks quickly walked through the doors, past the gargoyels and disappointidly looked into Mike's and Pete's eyes.
“Look here now.” Angerly said Hicks. “What makes you think that you can come into my Inn and steal?” Hicks waited for an answer, however was unsucsessful of receiving one. “What is this about bandits coming anyway?” Both Pete and Mike looked at each other and gulped.
“We...We...We were...Think about it as we're keeping the items safe from you sir.” Mutterd Pete and Mike. Leover, who was sitting on a stool over heard the conversation and slowly walked on over intreeged, Leover tried his best not to bring any more attention then there already was.
“What's all this about then?” Asked, Leover, Leover smirked as Hicks looked at Leover.
“These two no good for nothing rats were stealing our goods and was thearting our business.” Accused Hicks, Leover quickly turned his head towards Pete and Mike. Leovers eyes were brown like a chocolate nut and he had a stance like he wasn't going to move.
“No, no, sir, don't get me wrong, we weren't trying to harm business, we were just helping, you see the Bandits were coming..” Leover gasped
“The bandits?” Leover quickly grabbed the arms of both Pete and Mike and quickly dragged them upstiars, the floorboards made an uncompftubal sqeaking sound like they were going to fall through them. “Don't you ever mention the bandits in that room, especialy in front of those gargoyals, you hear..” Complaind Leover, Hicks shortly followed them into the room after wards.

The room they had enterd had not been used in over five years due to the amount of dust and the smell. The smell was vile, it smelt like a familiy of rats died behind the walls. In the room didn't have any windows in. It only had a single bed with one green pillow and some linen cloth for bedding. On the cielling was cobwebs, the door handle was coverd in webs and dust however the door looked like it was in new condition.
“Do you hear?” Firmly said Leover. Mike and Pete looked at each other
“Ye..Yea....Yeah.. Right boss...” They looked at each other confused and worried, they started to shake as they heard a manic scream coming from a distance outside.
“Leover, should I get the monkeys to a safe place?” Quickly and eagerly asked Hicks.
“Go get the monkeys and place them inside the well, in the bucket, go gather Hicter, Ellis and the others and get them to meet in this room.” Commanded Leover. “I'll stay here and make sure these two rats don't move an inch!” Hicks quickly hurried out of the door leaving it a little bit open. Leover moved to the door and quietly shut turning to Pete and Mike staring at them as if they knew what they had done.

The Cross Roads Inn.
Chapter: Two.
Five years ago...
“Is this grave too shallow?” Said an old man, named Armrad, the grave digger and preist of a cathlic church.
“Maybe.. But he 'aint ever going to get out.” Replied a tall and well built man. The moonlight was bright.
“Why doesn't this grave yard have any fences around it?” Asked the old priest. The tall man's eyes darted around the cemetery and noticed emptyness apart from huge grave yards, the only people in the cemery was the tall man, the desisced, the old preist and something, or someone in the bushes over looking their process.
“Why put a fence up when those on the inside can't get out. And those on the outside aren't in a hurry to get in?” As the tall man quickly looked back at Armand, the old priest, Armand looked up at the tall man's darting and green eyes. The tall man quickly moved his hand into a brown pouch that was resting around his waist and pulled out a well maintaind silver knife. With a powerful and fast lunge the tall man firmly rested the knife into Armands stomach and twisted the knfe three times before putting his large hands on his chest and pushing Armand into the grave he had just dug. When the knife first hit Armand he felt a sharp pain that overwhelmed his entire body. It must have felt like being shot by one-thousand bullets all at the same time. Armrad gasped and held his wound as he led there in the grave he had dug.

Dark, red, fowel smelling droplets of blood fell from the small open wound of Armed. Blood streamed down the silver knife that shined in the moonlight. The tall man watched as the blood dripped down the handle of the knife, onto the earthy and shallow grave. as Armand's eyes gazed over, his skin started to turn more and more pale by the second, his breathing started to get heavier and heavier.. As Armand tried to speak all that would come out was gasps of air.
“Save your breath, it's going to be your last.” Said the tall man as he squated down and hoverd over Armand to take a good look at him.

The loud rustling sounds of leaves started getting heavier, the howling of the wind blowing the trees and shrubs a clam voice came from the area of the greatly moving shrubs from nearby.
“Good job H.J.” said a mysteroius voice. Armand look up as he saw another tall black figure approuching him, it was too dark to make out what he was wearing. The shadows of trees, grave stones and hood covered his small face, he remained anommines Armand and to the tall man, refered as “H.J”.
“Thank you, master, how long until the others get here?” Qustioned HJ.
“It will only be a matter of time now before the others get here we will make this our home and slowly take over.” The mysteroius man slowly turned his head to looked at a struggling and blooded man. “Such a pitty you couldn't help us any more. The shadowed man kneeled down next to H.J and rumiged through Armands pockets to find a set of key and he pulled them out. As the keys were coming out of Armands pocket, H.J stared into a dark glance. “We will have more use of these, old man.” The hooded, mysteroius man placed his hand on Armands eyes to shut them. His hands were covered in a black leather gloves.

As Armand took his final few breaths Black crows started to circle the area, black feathers, beedy black eyes and black wings, the cemantery was covered with darkness. The mysteroius man put the keys around a silver chain that was placed on his waist, he then put his hand into his trench pocket to find a seathred crows head. He then grabbed Armands eyes and forced them open, forcing him to look down the crows neck. “Tell me what you see!” Quickly snaped the mysteroius man.

Darkness started to conume Armands soul, crows started to sit on grave stones and looked on. Armand, terrified as his eyes widend he could not believe what has he saw and was too pettrifiecd to talk or move, he just led their in a pool of his own blood. “That's what I thought.” Said the mysteroius man, in the black hood. “Finish him.” As HJ and his master stood up and stepped back to watch the crows flew over to Armand and started feasting on his face and body until there was only bones left.
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