Knight In Shining Armor

Your my hero in the night
Who steals me from the darkness

You brought me to a place of serenity
And rescued me from my loneliness

You wear an armor that shines as bright as day
And gives off a glow I've only seen in dreams

You carry a sword so sharp it splits the shadows
And rips the darkness at it's seams

Under your armor I see the beating of a gentle heart
Belonging to a man with an iron will

Whose eyes are filled with honor and love
And makes my heart instill

With joy and freedom my love for you
You've saved from sadness and pain

And the anguish of thinking I will always be alone
With no one to hold me or keep me sane

You pulled me from a pit of desolation and hate
And nurtured me with warmth and love

I've grown to be less resentful and dark
Since you've pulled me above

You are strong and valiant with so little to hide
And shown me how little it means to be so full of pride

My heart beats with yours now as we ride into the rising sun
Dawn has awaited and now a new day has begun

katniss93 katniss93
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 5, 2011