Ego Diligo Vos (i Love You In Latin)

My love, I love you so dear. I know i bring you happiness but i also brng you great pain. i dont mind the age difference my love. For you are the only one who holds my heart. But i know you know when i have hurt myself again, when i have stopped eating again,because the guilt and shame is writin all over my face. I look into your eyes and see great pain that i have caused. I see your disappointment in me. Yet i continue to hurt you so. But no worries my love for i will try. I know you love me and i know you respect me. SO i will find the strength in me to pul myself out of the darkness. With you by my side i know we'll pul through. Ego Diligo Vos.
xXanamialovexX xXanamialovexX
Aug 13, 2011