R U Gone?

A copy of my confession,hungry for your attention,,,,,,

Oh,,ur gone?
ur smell is still on me
that single long strand of hair still lingers on my shoulder
The lines of my hands still picture u
Ur gentle touch still has me beggin for ya
The affection in ur voice is still clinging to my ears
Your habits are still gettin my admiration
Ur little pranks are still makin my heart jump
The thought of those lovely long slender legs is still leavin me breathless
U said i look better with love
but i say love looks better with us
If there was any soulmate kindaa thing
only one name comes to mind
Ur perfection has me flattered
Ur worries have me lost
Ur laughs have me gasping for breath
everything is so quiet
Everybody is so rough
Every moment is a struggle
Yes ,,it means u r gone
gone far far away,,,
my confines will always yield u,,
nope i won't demand for u to be back
i'll make ur future brighter
by never comin out of ur sadow
U should go on ahead
coz u deserve more love
and i ,,well i m convinced i m satisfied,,,,,,,
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3 Responses Oct 10, 2012

Come to think about it,
It sounds spooky...
As if they are being haunted by the thought of you!
Leave them with that "horrible thought" of you...
Let them break their heads over you like an unsolved mysery lol

.... Either unsolved mystery/misery, both can go lmfao

gorgeous.... veeer an excellent writing again............:) reallly superb writing


...ironic poetry to consider...lol...great write, makes you think!