I Love You..

No,,u just don't know how beautiful you are
U won't know it ever
Until u see yourself from my eyes..
Yes,,i've always wanted to say you that
but i was and i am afraid to tell you that
I know i should not be sayin this to you
I know this is wrong
Pretend that i m the guy that you love
Pretend that i m the guy whom u were talkin about with me
when u had tears in your eyes and i was tryin to comfort you with my words
and some silly jokes
When u told me that the guy broke your heart
i couldn't bear hearing it
coz you're too good to be hurt
You don't deserve anythin bad or unpleasant
If it were upto me,i'd re-write ur destiny
so that no problem could ever dare to bother you
and don't worry i wouldn't get myself written as your soul-mate
coz i remember you tellin me about the guy you love.
I m gonna put him into ur life but i m gonna transfer my heart into him
becoz nobody can love you more than i do
nobody can care for you more than i do
If he has my heart then he won't ever leave you
he will love you equally even when u will be old and wrinkled
coz my heart sees your heart
Go enjoy your life.
God will bless you
i love you...
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Nov 16, 2012