Plant Ali

Sam says, “Hey, sit over here.”  

I reply, “um, you know that’s a potted plant, right?”
“It is?  But she’s such a great conversationalist.”

“What, exactly, is in your drink?”
“Lemonade.  Why?”
“Uh. Hu.”
“C’mon.  Sit with me.”
Ugh.  I hate whiners.  “Okay, fine, but I am not talking to the plant.”
“Sure, fine, whatever.  Sally, meet Alison.”
“What did I just say?!”
“Hello, Alison, good to see you again,” interjects Mark.
Seriously, has everyone lost their minds?!
“Hi Mark.  It’s nice to see you again, too.  How’s your mom?”
“What – the – **** – was that?”

“Duh.  It’s Alison.  Haven’t you been paying attention… um, are you alright?”
“No, no, I’m not.  Bye.”
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You're a mess, lmao.