Sense To Whom?

Can it be that difficult? To be understood for the wrong reasons? That the hardest part of not being understood us in the use of language to deceive? To really create the impression that what isn't being said underlies all that you hold dear. Of course, using the word dear in the sense of being expensive. Therefore putting a price on understandability. We all know you cannot put a price on it but you can change it for the better. Or worse which depends solely on your level if understanding. My level is one below yours but two higher than the third person that replies to my statement. Not the statement I made prior to the second statement I made but to the one that brought into question the feasibility of making no sense which could be written as one word.
Nonsense. Which is, again, completely different.
Or disagree?
Spartanone Spartanone
51-55, M
1 Response May 19, 2012

indeed agreeing and disagreeing ... for no reason at all

Which is the right answe when you look at it the wrong way :)

Amen to that! Too brutal to look at the right way, the correct way, or even perhaps in an alternative way ... I chose the path less traveled by ... or not.